Just a Little While Longer

Some days we say “just a little while longer” Time tells us back, “tick tock, tick tock.” How long can we wait until time runs out on us? How much life do we loose waiting every time we cannot a make a decision? We linger. We wait. We cannot seem to choose.

The sun shines, somedays, and sometimes it doesnt. Our decisions contine on and on and on until one day its as if the sun forgot to not only shine, but to even rise from the east. We take time, yet we do not have that luxury in the end. Time runs out. We are such procrastinators. Sometimes one way, some days another way. Just like a washing machine, back and forth then round and round, nothing gets accomplished.We wait ,e wander and we think.

Its time to turn the hands of time. Its time to take the time we misuse and waste and turn it on ourselves and make something happen. We want then we dont want. We wish and then regret what we may have received through the wish. Time to move on. Think about it yet dont think. Be and then become a choice, any choice just make one. Its not as if that choice will be glued to your fingers forever. Glue eventually wears off just like choice. Its better to decide something then to do nothing. Time remember, tick tock then time is gone and so are your choices.. Tick tock,tick tock. Choosing to surrender and moving forward is better than standing still complaining about what could have already been put into motion.

When we were little and couldn’t swim, we learned. One foot deeper until we took the plunge. Did we stand in the sand overlooking the water wishing all day to learn, as kids we just chose as adults we sit and ponder. Which is better for the soul. You tell me your thoughts. I feared the water until one day a friend picked me up and threw me into the pool. I swam, then I laughed and I never looked back.

The sun doesn’t complain that it doesn’t have time to get up. Nor the moon behave badly because it needs to get a move on to light up the dark skies. Were spoiled. We think that just by thinking we get where we need to be. Its the revrese. Do not think it, just choose and do it. Better yet just put the shoes on and make a move. One step and then another, before you know it your moving and things are getting done.

So now I’m done. I actually wrote this for me because I used to be one. I and that wishy washy washing machine that someone forgot to tell its spin. I attack with furvor and then stop mid way reconsidering if I went the right way. Who cares I wish I would have realized I moved. That is the importance of it all, movement. Put the human machine on go forward and walk away. No time lose, no adjustment s made unless you hear the buzzer. Intuition will most times let you know if you need any. How much happiness is waisted on thinking it through, how many times? I have a new lease and its called listening to my heart beat and turning inside to where we know time ticks and we get it done.

Love yourself and let the mind stop spinning and see clearly. The sun rises and the sun sets. So do we all.

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