Alice oh Alice, Where are You?

Alice, oh Alice where are you?

Alice woke from a nap hearing something, a voice maybe, a sound for sure which she sensed included her name. Rubbing her eyes from the tiny sleep particles that kept them closed she opened one eye at a time. One eye could see but two eyes are visionary. “Who said that?” she quietly professed intot the distant woods. “Is someone talking to me?”

She could not quite put a distance on the sounds but knew they came from straight ahead. Close to the lake she thought to herself. Well if they cannot accknowledge themselves I guess I wil have to seek them out. Voices she huffed, always something.

The walk to the edge of the lake induced many thoughts. Thinking is what I is good at she said out loud. All kinds of thoughts from liitle items you stored in your memories, quick flashes of information to long detailed stories from which you sucked from your sub conscious. Some truthful some made up to look truthful.

Alice wondred if she was hearing voices again. This place held many things in which one of them was hearing things that didnt happen or even exist. Echos of ones own voice could be heard from a top the trees, in the small pollen of the beautiful flowers and even in the animals you came upon. What to believe was always the question.

The Question she heard, was a valid one, a mumble of clarity from somewhere distant in her void. Of course she knew where she was. She was here, right here right now in this forest. The question she then proposed is where I am is here but is it real? Am I awake or am I dreaming. She knew that this would be answered as soon as she looked upon the lake and into its face. The water always clear seemed to impose upon you a sense of clarity. Visions of faces mirrored just below the surface gave a sense of duality. Alice she said to herself, where are you?

In the same distance from where Alice walked someone walked behind her. Another shadow of Alices self also looking for the same voice that asked that same question. Where are you.

Where are you? Are you here wth me, or are you somewhere, where the words have guided you. A distant place in your mind where you also travel for clarity, from the voices inside. One can wander inside out, wondering outside in what is thruth. Where am I and can I be found?

Alice walked closer until she reached the lake. Alice of the other self also walked closer kneeling down in the underbrush just outside the range of vision of Alice.

What could they see? Each involved in their own insightfulness. One looking into the mirror of the surface of the lake, the other looking at the girl who looked at the surface of the lake. What would they know, and what would they acknowledge. The clock struck the hour.


Where are you Alice? I want to know.

To be continued.


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