Naked In The Light

We are all naked in the light. Even with our clothes on. Do we really think we can hide ourselves beneath our under armour, our inuendo’s and our personalities?

Fat chance. We can try but eventually we are revealed in the light. Our souls shine, our energy pours through the holes in our skin. It produces light. Light that can be identified as you. The real you. The you without clothes, without mortal behaviour that tries to hide your nakedness. The reality of what we really are, naked in the light for all to see.

Fear clothes our thoughts. Insight reveals our true worth. Shoes conceal our feet from feeling the path beneath our feet. We wear hats to keep our heads warm but we also wear hats to characterize our state of affairs. Who are you today, yesterday and maybe what will you decide to be tomorrow? Choices help us choose. Our emotions make the color choice and the fit is either tight and small or loose and embracing. Who will you choose to be?

Naked in the light is an embracing of your truth. Naked is revealing of the souls search for its reality, its true purpose to be. Stand tall, dont slouch. Shoulders back head held high and naked in the light of the morning sun. Dress for purpose. Dress for the heart of what matters in the light and you will always be dressed, yet naked for all to see the real you.

You can smile and show off the beauty of the inner body. You can laugh as others pass you by and say to them”See Me as I Am”. Shout out to the world your freedom to be the way you are, imperfect, challenging, searching always for something good. The good inspiraions that life has to offer if we just take our emotional clothes off and show our sellves in the most revealing way. No regrets, just the simplicity of the heart in rhythm of the soul’s eternal dance.

Be cool, be wise, be seen as an essential being that will be stand up tall in the light of their nakedness. Not a slouching fool, not a clown that has forgot his silliness, nor a coward that cannot tell himself why he has awoken in his bed. Light it up, be naked, be you.

Now take a deep breath go over to the mirror. Shrug off the fear, the worries of how you will look, and just stand there. Open your eyes to the soul, the heart of what truly mattes and view you. The real you that can now laugh at the imperfections, gather strength from those imperfections, be in love with the one true you.

Be naed in the light, hear the voice of the heart in it’s true self full of worth and meaning. Then dress for your own success and no others.



Being Beautiful, who defines what is beautiful? Why do we even have to define it.

What makes you feel beautiful? Is it fanciful words, a quick stare from a stranger’s eye or maybe a kind gesture of worthiness. What’s your poison?

Being Human may not be beautiful all the time but being beautiful is being human. Being human may be blind to the possibilities you carry inside, yet you can find them somewhere in the region of the heart. Human being equals sadness, uncertintiy, being fearful to the equality of all of us.

Why do we carry so much promise on being beautiful?  The view of front to back is a sideways glance.  Can the eye assume mindful because the mind is not? Can sight be more than a glimmer of a person? So much to think about.

We are individual yet born equal. What exactly is selfless love? Do we care enough about ourself to ignite a fire under our emotional well being? What has happened to inside out? What does the warrior self feel like? Is it healthy, healed with more compassion?

Fear the fearless inside you. Two words distinct in their structure. Which one can take you father on your conquest to a freer mode of thought? Are you a warrior for humanity, fighting for the soul of every person? What defines beauty? We all have our own definition.

Beautiful is the sun rising out of the horizon every morning. Beauty is the smile on a childs face when they hear the ice cream truck come on a sunny day. Beautiful is the quiet sound of trees on a windless day but also the storms that rage in the mountains with you as the only witness or no witness at all.

Being is, being wiser. It is being compassionate while facing a stranger that is homeless or dying, or ourselves when we are not at our best. Being is non prejudice. Do we sometimes convict the innocent for their imperfection. Do we do the same to ourselves?

Just because the flower is dying doesnt mean its beauty is gone. It can still give back. Just because someone (our self included) is not perfect does not conclude imperfection on the inside. We are always a work in progress are we not? What are we all progressing to? Can we say what the face value of a human is? Is it difference?

Being Beautiful is more that a state of mental thinking. It is the thoughtless reminder that we are all beautiful in our own way.

Feed your inner person. Be healthy, be thankful be realistic.

Footprints In The Sand

I have walked this beach before many times.

My feet are imprinted among the stones and wood pieces washed up from the many storms that have crossed paths with the sand. I can still see the remenents of past times and can also invision the future footprints I will place here many times more. Each foot embedded in the sand, some heavy some light of foot.

Today I try and walk without judgement, soft and light like a feather whose flight has come to an end. Delicate and discarded, no longer needed as it floats to the ground. I will surrender like the feather.

Yesterday the storms came. Yesterday my feet walked heavy and hard on the surface of the beach. Strong legs embraced the torrents of water and held to the surface against the oncoming winds. I embraced this weather like I embraced my emotions, soggy and wet with tears. My hands held a stick, I threw it. My hands reached down and clutched a stone, I threw it into the ocean trying to clear my head. I am the storm.

I can still see the footprints I have left. They will be there for awhile. Maybe someone will walk this beach and see these footprints and wonder why they are so deep? I hope I do not cater to the leftover emotions I leave for someone else to feel. That is not my intention.

Freedom should be felt on theses sands of time immortal. Freedom to be easy and fly like the pebbles sifted by the tides. Moving gentley one day and violently the next. Do my footprints impress others?

I shall not stumble and fall upon the sand. I will walk with purpose and conviction. Let those that see the footprints say “This is a strong individual.” I want to walk with humility, humble in how I interact with another’s footprints I too meet on the beach, wondering why they are there. Are they too enlightened? Do they impress upon me with their enlightenment?

One footprint in the sands of time, make it worth it.

Living in a Jello Mold

We are not meant to live our lives as a jello mold. A product of placing, stiring, pouring and molding. But it seems we have found ourselves in one.

Pick a colour, place a mold in the upright position and pour yourself into a product of your living enviroment. Place emotional issues, sweet desires and whatever else the subconscious holds close and place it in the bowl. Make it outworldly pretty, make it bold and demanding, even soft and subtle but it still is what it is, a human jello mold.

Since its a clear product of our upbringing we can see what we have made ourselves into. The color of the jello can brighten your world or make it dark. Choices vary, moods control, varibles are inherent to be what we are. You notice I said in the last sentence choice? We do have a choice but when it comes to Jello we tend to choose only the colour and flavor that we see nicely positioned in front of us. We do not very often search out the back of the shelves, or try to invent something otherwise. We just do, we contain and we mold ourselves.

Seeing clearly doesn’t neccessarily mean we can notice what we are. Looking around we notice others, some the same, some in different colour molded human figures but really we are all that same mold. I think we can all say that it’s easier to be the same than it is to be different.

We are not meant to be molded. I’m also sure we are not meant to jiggle like jello for another’s happiness.  We are although complicated and we are creatures of habit.

The concept of becoming is complicated. Pouring ourselves into a mold is stressful. We want to fit in. We want to be seen from what we show from the outside, but we are clearly seen.

Life isn’t simple. Life isn’t molded into one type of container. We are unique. By pouring ourselves into a mold is murder of the human spirit. What happens when we are ready to be unmolded? We are presented in a way that makes us look adjustable. We are placed self center on the table and viewed. Just another item on the palate of life to be devoured.

Kind of crazy when you link us to the Jello. Wobbley, wiggley, no back bone? Loose and eatable. On a daily basis we are devoured by the culture we have created.

I am not Jello nor jello in a mold. I don’t think I ever really wanted to become a product created by a system and used. I am a free particule for human-ness. It’s hard though, not be to be poured out of a box, mixed with some sweet idealism and poured into a mold. I want to be developed by nature, nurtured by the soul and applauded for not fitting in.

Understanding, knowledge, reading and diversity will free us and help our future generations from being in the same mold as their prior generations of family, friends and co workers.

Let’s drink from the waters of life. Let’s ask ourselves why we are here and what we are we meant to do. I don’t think the answer you will come up with is, a Jello Mold.

Live life in strength, involved in community and with compassion.

As The Snow Falls

As the snow falls I ponder. What is it you ponder? Each snowflake falls in its own way. Sees itself in it’s own perspective, a viewpoint from far above.

I lay on my back in the backyard and look up. Thousand of snowflakes decend down upon me, considering me, joining me in a game of chance. Who will fall upon my body, my face, my thoughts and who will miss me completely? It makes me laugh.

Snow angels become an objective. Yet they are subjective to my inner thoughts. Which ones will touch me and which ones will I have the opportunity to miss. I do not want to disturb the momentum by getting up. Change the moment I have created. So quiet is my mind. Nothing matters but each snowflake and the possibility I am touching something greater than myself.

I see visions within and without them I am nothing. They taunt me to get up move about, try something new. What should I do? Makes me wonder why I am here. What is my purpose?

Do these tiny creatures of nature know me? Can we correspond by just being in the same place? Falling down do they feel my energy and fall down to me as if I am to receive their grace?

I feel special in this moment. I am just a human in the course of Nature’s gift to me. This moment that I chose to get out of my head and do something different. So simple to just be. Be no one, no body, just a part of the nature of things as the snow falls from the sky and tickles my nose. It makes me smile and then I laugh out loud.

Into my mouth I take the food of life. One snowflake at a time. I am one with them. I know something more than just getting out of bed. My thoughts are clear. I radiate warmth and see the snow turn to water. Like tears from above,  they touch me. I want to be just like them. Maybe if I move my arms and legs I can make this snow angel fly.

I do not want to move. I do not want to begin again. I just want to stay still and continue to talk to the snowflakes and hear ther vision of why we are here.

I will see you again.

Lean forward into your life… — Purplerays

“Lean forward into your life… catch the best bits and the finest wind. Just tip your feathers in flight a wee bit and see how dramatically that small lean can change your life.” ~Mary Anne Radmacher Artist~Luciano Pavarotti [1935-2007] Text & image source: Rest in the Arms of Angels

via Lean forward into your life… — Purplerays


Since Alice was already here in wonderland, she thought she might go somewhere different. But where she wondered? There are so many places to visit here. Maybe she should go ask her mentor before she travels beyond her required means?

Where would she find him? He could be anywhere, somewhere, over there. Over there yes that’s where he’d be she thought to herself. Over, over…. As she looked around she kept repeating the word to herself in hopes of challenging her mind to look in that right direction. The Madd Hatter is known to be all over at any time. Alright Mr. Hatter come out come out where ever you are.

“I’m right here,” came a voice. It sounded like a voice on the intercom commensing a lunch hour or the time to go home. “Here, over here.” She continued to look all over the place. She looked in the direction of the lake, then over to the woodland hills and she looked in the most ovious place right in front of her face. He was  not there but he is everywhere she thought to herself. What is right here? Alice placed her hands on her cheeks and sat down on the log next to the pathway. She thought for a few minutes hoping that something would come to her, but nothing did. “Thinking is so over used.” A voice once again called out to her, his voice. “Madd Hatter stop playing games would you.” Alice was getting anxious and a little stressed. All she had wanted to was to go somewhere different and now it was turning into a complicated matter.

“Oh, Alice.” “Why didn’t you just go on your way without worrying so much about where to go?”” I would have been there eventually at your side you know.” Alice thought about that for a moment. Why was life so complicated? Why do we have to reassure ourselves each and every moment that we need help to go anywhere.

Going somewhere is an adventure, an experience not a chore. Living large, being happy in the moment. The idea of one foot hits the ground and then another. No need for directions, or possibilities. It’s just an art of being.

“I got this” said Alice. Keeping the thought of The Madd Hatter in her mind, knowing he’s always there Alice heading out. She picked the direction of the sun, its shining heat and did’nt think twice. Just by doing you always get where you need to be.

Smiles to all that have a unannounced journey. Gratitiude and joy will be your companion.