Since Alice was already here in wonderland, she thought she might go somewhere different. But where she wondered? There are so many places to visit here. Maybe she should go ask her mentor before she travels beyond her required means?

Where would she find him? He could be anywhere, somewhere, over there. Over there yes that’s where he’d be she thought to herself. Over, over…. As she looked around she kept repeating the word to herself in hopes of challenging her mind to look in that right direction. The Madd Hatter is known to be all over at any time. Alright Mr. Hatter come out come out where ever you are.

“I’m right here,” came a voice. It sounded like a voice on the intercom commensing a lunch hour or the time to go home. “Here, over here.” She continued to look all over the place. She looked in the direction of the lake, then over to the woodland hills and she looked in the most ovious place right in front of her face. He was  not there but he is everywhere she thought to herself. What is right here? Alice placed her hands on her cheeks and sat down on the log next to the pathway. She thought for a few minutes hoping that something would come to her, but nothing did. “Thinking is so over used.” A voice once again called out to her, his voice. “Madd Hatter stop playing games would you.” Alice was getting anxious and a little stressed. All she had wanted to was to go somewhere different and now it was turning into a complicated matter.

“Oh, Alice.” “Why didn’t you just go on your way without worrying so much about where to go?”” I would have been there eventually at your side you know.” Alice thought about that for a moment. Why was life so complicated? Why do we have to reassure ourselves each and every moment that we need help to go anywhere.

Going somewhere is an adventure, an experience not a chore. Living large, being happy in the moment. The idea of one foot hits the ground and then another. No need for directions, or possibilities. It’s just an art of being.

“I got this” said Alice. Keeping the thought of The Madd Hatter in her mind, knowing he’s always there Alice heading out. She picked the direction of the sun, its shining heat and did’nt think twice. Just by doing you always get where you need to be.

Smiles to all that have a unannounced journey. Gratitiude and joy will be your companion.

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