As The Snow Falls

As the snow falls I ponder. What is it you ponder? Each snowflake falls in its own way. Sees itself in it’s own perspective, a viewpoint from far above.

I lay on my back in the backyard and look up. Thousand of snowflakes decend down upon me, considering me, joining me in a game of chance. Who will fall upon my body, my face, my thoughts and who will miss me completely? It makes me laugh.

Snow angels become an objective. Yet they are subjective to my inner thoughts. Which ones will touch me and which ones will I have the opportunity to miss. I do not want to disturb the momentum by getting up. Change the moment I have created. So quiet is my mind. Nothing matters but each snowflake and the possibility I am touching something greater than myself.

I see visions within and without them I am nothing. They taunt me to get up move about, try something new. What should I do? Makes me wonder why I am here. What is my purpose?

Do these tiny creatures of nature know me? Can we correspond by just being in the same place? Falling down do they feel my energy and fall down to me as if I am to receive their grace?

I feel special in this moment. I am just a human in the course of Nature’s gift to me. This moment that I chose to get out of my head and do something different. So simple to just be. Be no one, no body, just a part of the nature of things as the snow falls from the sky and tickles my nose. It makes me smile and then I laugh out loud.

Into my mouth I take the food of life. One snowflake at a time. I am one with them. I know something more than just getting out of bed. My thoughts are clear. I radiate warmth and see the snow turn to water. Like tears from above,  they touch me. I want to be just like them. Maybe if I move my arms and legs I can make this snow angel fly.

I do not want to move. I do not want to begin again. I just want to stay still and continue to talk to the snowflakes and hear ther vision of why we are here.

I will see you again.

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