Living in a Jello Mold

We are not meant to live our lives as a jello mold. A product of placing, stiring, pouring and molding. But it seems we have found ourselves in one.

Pick a colour, place a mold in the upright position and pour yourself into a product of your living enviroment. Place emotional issues, sweet desires and whatever else the subconscious holds close and place it in the bowl. Make it outworldly pretty, make it bold and demanding, even soft and subtle but it still is what it is, a human jello mold.

Since its a clear product of our upbringing we can see what we have made ourselves into. The color of the jello can brighten your world or make it dark. Choices vary, moods control, varibles are inherent to be what we are. You notice I said in the last sentence choice? We do have a choice but when it comes to Jello we tend to choose only the colour and flavor that we see nicely positioned in front of us. We do not very often search out the back of the shelves, or try to invent something otherwise. We just do, we contain and we mold ourselves.

Seeing clearly doesn’t neccessarily mean we can notice what we are. Looking around we notice others, some the same, some in different colour molded human figures but really we are all that same mold. I think we can all say that it’s easier to be the same than it is to be different.

We are not meant to be molded. I’m also sure we are not meant to jiggle like jello for another’s happiness.  We are although complicated and we are creatures of habit.

The concept of becoming is complicated. Pouring ourselves into a mold is stressful. We want to fit in. We want to be seen from what we show from the outside, but we are clearly seen.

Life isn’t simple. Life isn’t molded into one type of container. We are unique. By pouring ourselves into a mold is murder of the human spirit. What happens when we are ready to be unmolded? We are presented in a way that makes us look adjustable. We are placed self center on the table and viewed. Just another item on the palate of life to be devoured.

Kind of crazy when you link us to the Jello. Wobbley, wiggley, no back bone? Loose and eatable. On a daily basis we are devoured by the culture we have created.

I am not Jello nor jello in a mold. I don’t think I ever really wanted to become a product created by a system and used. I am a free particule for human-ness. It’s hard though, not be to be poured out of a box, mixed with some sweet idealism and poured into a mold. I want to be developed by nature, nurtured by the soul and applauded for not fitting in.

Understanding, knowledge, reading and diversity will free us and help our future generations from being in the same mold as their prior generations of family, friends and co workers.

Let’s drink from the waters of life. Let’s ask ourselves why we are here and what we are we meant to do. I don’t think the answer you will come up with is, a Jello Mold.

Live life in strength, involved in community and with compassion.

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