Footprints In The Sand

I have walked this beach before many times.

My feet are implanted among the stones and wood pieces washed up from the many storms that have crossed paths with the sand. I can still see the remenents of past times and can also invision the future footprints I will place here many times more. Each foot embedded in the sand, some heavy some light of foot.

Today I try and walk without judgement, soft and light like a feather whose flight has come to an end. Delicate but abused no longer needed by the whole bird it is dicarded upon the ground. There it will become a part of the whole beach and one day it will also be a piece of sand that someone will walk on.

Yesterday the storms came. Yesterday my feet walked heavy and hard on the surface of the beach. Strong legs embraced the torrents of water and held to the surface against the oncoming winds. I embraced this weather like I embraced my emotions, soggy and wet with tears. My hands held a stick, I threw it. My hands reached down and clutched a stone, I threw it into the ocean trying to clear my head. I am the storm.

I can still see the footprints I have left. They will be there for awhile. Maybe someone will walk this beach and see these footprints and wonder why they are so deep? I hope I do not cater to the leftover emotions I leave for someone else to feel. That is not my intention.

Freedom should be felt on theses sands of time. Freedom to be easy and fly like the pebbles as the tide moves them gentley one day and violently the next. I want my feet to impress others. I would like them to trace my steps to a moment in time where they can smile because I did.

Do not stumble and fall into the sand. Walk with purpose and conviction. Let those that see the footprints say this is a strong individual. I want to walk with humility, humble in how I interact with those footprints I too meet on the beach, wondering why they are there. Who did they belong to and what is their story.

Mine is simple. I live, I love and I choose to embrace this life like the footprints in the sand.

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