Being Beautiful, who defines what is beautiful? Why do we even have to define it.

What makes you feel beautiful? Is it fanciful words, a quick stare from a stranger’s eye or maybe a kind gesture of worthiness. What’s your poison?

Being Human may not be beautiful all the time but being beautiful is being human. Being human may be blind to the possibilities you carry inside, yet you can find them somewhere in the region of the heart. Human being equals sadness, uncertintiy, being fearful to the equality of all of us.

Why do we carry so much promise on being beautiful?  The view of front to back is a sideways glance.  Can the eye assume mindful because the mind is not? Can sight be more than a glimmer of a person? So much to think about.

We are individual yet born equal. What exactly is selfless love? Do we care enough about ourself to ignite a fire under our emotional well being? What has happened to inside out? What does the warrior self feel like? Is it healthy, healed with more compassion?

Fear the fearless inside you. Two words distinct in their structure. Which one can take you father on your conquest to a freer mode of thought? Are you a warrior for humanity, fighting for the soul of every person? What defines beauty? We all have our own definition.

Beautiful is the sun rising out of the horizon every morning. Beauty is the smile on a childs face when they hear the ice cream truck come on a sunny day. Beautiful is the quiet sound of trees on a windless day but also the storms that rage in the mountains with you as the only witness or no witness at all.

Being is, being wiser. It is being compassionate while facing a stranger that is homeless or dying, or ourselves when we are not at our best. Being is non prejudice. Do we sometimes convict the innocent for their imperfection. Do we do the same to ourselves?

Just because the flower is dying doesnt mean its beauty is gone. It can still give back. Just because someone (our self included) is not perfect does not conclude imperfection on the inside. We are always a work in progress are we not? What are we all progressing to? Can we say what the face value of a human is? Is it difference?

Being Beautiful is more that a state of mental thinking. It is the thoughtless reminder that we are all beautiful in our own way.

Feed your inner person. Be healthy, be thankful be realistic.

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