Naked In The Light

We are all naked in the light. Even with our clothes on. Do we really think we can hide ourselves beneath our under armour, our inuendo’s and our personalities?

Fat chance. We can try but eventually we are revealed in the light. Our souls shine, our energy pours through the holes in our skin. It produces light. Light that can be identified as you. The real you. The you without clothes, without mortal behaviour that tries to hide your nakedness. The reality of what we really are, naked in the light for all to see.

Fear clothes our thoughts. Insight reveals our true worth. Shoes conceal our feet from feeling the path beneath our feet. We wear hats to keep our heads warm but we also wear hats to characterize our state of affairs. Who are you today, yesterday and maybe what will you decide to be tomorrow? Choices help us choose. Our emotions make the color choice and the fit is either tight and small or loose and embracing. Who will you choose to be?

Naked in the light is an embracing of your truth. Naked is revealing of the souls search for its reality, its true purpose to be. Stand tall, dont slouch. Shoulders back head held high and naked in the light of the morning sun. Dress for purpose. Dress for the heart of what matters in the light and you will always be dressed, yet naked for all to see the real you.

You can smile and show off the beauty of the inner body. You can laugh as others pass you by and say to them”See Me as I Am”. Shout out to the world your freedom to be the way you are, imperfect, challenging, searching always for something good. The good inspiraions that life has to offer if we just take our emotional clothes off and show our sellves in the most revealing way. No regrets, just the simplicity of the heart in rhythm of the soul’s eternal dance.

Be cool, be wise, be seen as an essential being that will be stand up tall in the light of their nakedness. Not a slouching fool, not a clown that has forgot his silliness, nor a coward that cannot tell himself why he has awoken in his bed. Light it up, be naked, be you.

Now take a deep breath go over to the mirror. Shrug off the fear, the worries of how you will look, and just stand there. Open your eyes to the soul, the heart of what truly mattes and view you. The real you that can now laugh at the imperfections, gather strength from those imperfections, be in love with the one true you.

Be naed in the light, hear the voice of the heart in it’s true self full of worth and meaning. Then dress for your own success and no others.


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