The Thinking Man

Who are you? This thinking man? This unified man search engine, wandering mechanic of the mind?

Subconscious, on auto pilot when it comes to desires and decisions. Secrets revealed in an anonymous way, actions will be taken by the push of a finger. The finger as it points in the direction away from the one who points. Never poinient in conparison of what may be learking inside the mind but suspicious of his surrounding. Can he make a point?

Its a turn key operation. An oppurtunity to change a direction if his thoughts could go that way. Misunderstood man. Misguided man. Where for art thou human being? Male mindless chatter, feminine underestimated heart felt.

If only. If only he could speak a truth that is uncommon, for the most part, an oddity for the mind to discover for the thinking man. The female counterpart, is not the thinking man. It is a homemade soup made up of  a futuristic talent that contains empathy. Fear is his commonality, his go to thought.  His misinterpreted emotional base is untrusted, it wobbles and winds him through too many unorganized options. He can’t see beyond his body image, his age. His mind is tasteful in the art of seduction but tasteless when it comes to what he feels. What does he feel?

Thoughts taken in, thoughts lost, which are the good ones? The thoughts that make him wonder and wander around his mind. Travel lightly he cannot because the memories way him down. Down, down he goes,  past the saftey zone. Danger cries out, “do not surpass the level of emotion you can handle. Empthy is the next floor.” “You have never been there, it could tear you down, make you emotional. Take a deep breath, then shut the door, thinking man.”

Thinking man, disolve the past, enter the present naked and in the light of day. Your future is dependant on the thoughts you create. Those thinking man thoughts are over rated. Unbelievable in a reality that is disorientated. But to the thinking man it is his grounding force. He needs to believe in himself, his misguided horizon of past thinking.

Be fruitful, thinking man. Enter mindfulness at your own risk but not in a thinking way. Enter with out the turmoil you bring along. Take off the clothes of your past and the ones you will change into today, your present. Older amd wiser unthink the thinkable. Change the game. The game gets old, worn out and will eventually fade away. All those memories, all those dreams of a fantasy life will grow dark before your eyes.

The light remains. Human man remains. Thinking man disolves in the morning sun.


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