My Little Buddah

I am sitting at my desk searching for something to blog about, sifting through the many thoughts that always swirl about in my mind, and I look over to see my little buddah.

His face is abundant joy, his mouth open with unconditional laughter, and his face looks up to the sky. So much happiness molded into this little statue. Those many thoughts are neutral and it makes me smile.

He gives without expectation and requires nothing in return.  The sight of him gives me a comfort I cannot define. His glance directs you to look outside. The sky is covered with an array of clouds of different shapes and sizes. Some are dark and menacing and other fluffy and white. What a constract to the blue of the sky. I too follow his stare and find myself squinting at the sky highlighted by the brightness of the sun. I try to stare into the face of the sun but its too bright to maintain, like trying to stare your thoughts down and win.

I then notice that I am the one who placed him there. My eyes trans fix themselves over to his round belly and to his loose clothing as he holds a fan in one hand and a snake in his other. This does make me curious to the meaning behind this particular statue. I guess its the ying and yang of it all. My first thought is myself. How many thoughts does my mind hold onto in a moment that is exactly the same, yet in opposition of each other. There is a fan in his one hand to releave me of my darkness and in the other a snake that wraps itself around the arm and neck as if those thughts cannot let go. Yet it’s a happy snake. Its rattle sings in the light of day, its mouth also open but not with the hiss of contentment but with the joy of holding on to nothing.

My little Buddah, staring out the window, no toughts to share, not a inhibition to keep the smile from announcing itself. Just a man, looking deeply into the light of day. He shares himself in a simple way. He stares outward but inside be believes whatever the day brings it is just the day and tomorrow will always show you a different sky.

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