If This Were My Last Day

If this were my last day what would I choose to remember?  Who would I want to remember me? How would I relate, be relative to the moment?

If this was my last moment where would I be? What would be the last thought that my mind clung to?

How would I choose to be? Would I be happy, sad, angry maybe even bewildered. Could I let go of all the monsters that have jailed me for so many years. Would I call out in amazement as to how I have lived or be in denial of how I should have lived. My choice, my demons, my happiness now contained in a twenty four hour catalogue in which I choose the pages number to view.

Who should I call? Is there anyone I would like to visit? Can I be myself?

There is so many ways I could play this out. What do I do. My memories are fading. Like pictures in a old photo album, the pages crinkled and yellowed I try very hard to see them for what they are. I could choose to see them as my saving grace, or I could see the reality in them. Voices in time, choices and challenges in which I have recorded only what my mind wants to see. Well how about seeing it without rose colored galsses. Pictures of me, pictures of time traveled past to forward. Memories that I spin the way I want them. Is there truth in this?

If this were my last day I would do all of the above. I would set my watch to one minute and take it all in, then I would do more, be more, love more.

I would take my own hand and walk the rest of the way. Take the path to no where in particular but enjoy the ride. I won’t be so interested in where I have been but to see where the rest of the day could take me. I would say hello to all the pople I have known and wish them well. I don’t think I would spend time telling them anything more then to see their feet and step one step at a time. Make yourself a dance.

I would take part in the rhythm of time each note connected to the other notes in unison. I have twenty three hours to be content, to be loving, to be just and kind. I can be me. I will make this an eternity of living life to the fullest.


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