Once there was a little girl, who ran about in her little world.

Writing words and keeping pace with the sentences that ran in her head.

Yesterday her world was small, yesterday she wasn’t tall.

Choices made her world complete, challenges she swore she’d never repeat.

But her world remained the same. She couldn’t figure out why. The voice inside said “you need to grow”.

Like a tree, whose branches reach the stars and whose roots grow deep into the earth. Ground yourself. Be strong so you can support your growth.

She thought about it. She dreamed about it. Where would her new world take her? What would she see? What could she do different?

She chose. It was hard to change the words she wrote, the thoughts she kept, the decisions she made. The wisdom spoke to her, the mind withered and her thoughts drew pictures of a world bigger than she could ever imagine.

Once there was a little girl who wasn’t so little, who was braves and whose chose a great big world, full of diversity, to live in.

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