In This Room.

In this room I am. In this room I can be.

In this room I know myself. I am strong, fearless, and couragious. Yet outside these four walls I am unknown. Nothing can define me. I do need definition. For without definition I am nothing. A nobody with a bodily presence. I am these walls.

In this room I see four walls and that makes me feel safe. I can sit in this room and know myself. It gives me life, without living. This room knows me, it controls me, it is me.

The windows are narrow because so is my thinking. It allows some light in but only marginal to my consciousness. I can close off the light and sit in the darkness of my mind. I can be in this arena and be friends with my sub concsious self.

I do see a door. Down a hallway it calls out to me to open it. To feel the air on my face, the breath of God in my mind. The wind tells me it can heal me if I just take a chance. Open the door and you can find freedom from what holds you confined to this room.

Can I make my feet move? I think I have forgotten what they are for. They have been idle for a long time. This room holds everything I need, why would I want more? Do I need more?

That very question prompts me to say yes. Why would I be asking if there was not potential in that very thought?

I do want to find the door available, to feel the wind and the sun on my face, to use my feet for dancing on the sand pebbles of the ocean, I do.

In this room I am larger than life. But in this room I am contained. Breaking free will be hard, it will take determination, resolve of the issues I cannot yet face. I see them. I speak to them, I know them, they are mine.

I tell myself I can be anything I want to, I just have to get up and begin my journey. I step and release. I breath and release. One voice that can overcome the other voices that taunt me into staying. What do I do? Only I can say.

In this room I feel small. In this room I do not really know myself. In this room I am a servant to my mind games.

In this room I am fully present. In this room I am no longer contained.The strength that pulsed through the walls, is no longer my mentor, it now  pulses through me. I feel different, no longer contaminated.

I am outside. I feel the wind, I see the clouds which come and go. I am the freedom that my thoughts can no longer contain. In this room I am now free.

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