Buddah Bellies

Your face is a million smiles, flirtatious and kind. You laugh is unique, tempered and impermenent. Your hands hold the key to life eternal, fingers touched in the Ohm position. You are key to the fullfillment of  ongoing life eternal.

But I cannot help but be attracted to your belly. So round, so playful. You laugh and the whole world watches. You smile and the kindred spirit of your soulful mind enlightens humanity.

Exposed to an eternity of desires and expectations your belly softens the blows of life. I rub it with an intention of being in the moment. Calm and resourceful, I ask for permission to be who I am. I’m not a pervert. If I said I wanted to touch your head it would be a sign of reverence. But oh the Buddah belly is a source of intention. Meditation, serenity, finite but yet infinite in its beauty.

Made of wood, cement, cermanic. Touchable, soft and reverent. I am just a soul looking for confirmation that life is beautiful through you.

People pass by. So many temples and ornate altars, but there you sit unattented to the gold and glitter. Profound is your attention to the source of peace and inner resolve. OHM.

Buddah bellies are delightul. Happines pours out of the center of the self. A feeling of peacefulness as persons sit in breathing for enlightenment. Words so simple to say. Ohm.

Laughter, quiet and unapologetic. Smiling tenderly you look forward eyes closed in a meditation to humanity, Your lips utter silence, speaking a truth we all long to hear.

May you always be.

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