Single – Singular

One thought, one dance with the mind, isn’t that how it works?

Each word with its owned pronunciation, it’s own definition. What comes across as what is, is only what is, in the mind.

Each letter comes together to enhance our world. What is beautiful and what is ugly. Spell the word, define the mind, enter the thought. One singular thought then becomes two, then three. An infinity of words pressed together to make a sentence, a paragraph, a single image that could and may change the world you possess as your own.

Single concepts change humanity. Once we write them down we solidify the thinking process. We have determined who we are and unlikely to change it. Single thoughts rule, as we are singular in nature. One thought, one mind, one decision to make it what we are.

Freedom of thought, free thinking what does that look like. What does it feel like in the mind? Does it feel singular, or can we allow others into the equation? If I say a word can you justify it in your own thinking way? Can you say the same single word in a different way but define it the same?

Single and singular. Complex and complexity.

Define without meaning. Find words the do not possess but express a unity of thought. Process the information differently, taking it into a route unknown, making it worthy of the heart. Channel the energy of oneness in a singular way. Energy in waves that make reason worth thinking about.

What can you say to you in a single word? How can you describe yourself in a singular way? How does this possess you? Lead the words in a dance with the mind. Negate nothing, incorporate it all in a sentence that is now complex and inviting.

Take the word happy and believe that is is singular. That is is the only single word out there that the mind understands.

A rose is a rose is a rose, or is it?




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