The Mindful Heart

The expression of the heart and its intimate values is a mindful heart.

If there is no interest in the heart of what matters, is the mind mindless to what does truly matter? We breathe in, we exhale out. The heart beats to a rythm of subconscious action. The mind is not so mindful of the physical beating of the heart but to the beats of our expressions as we breathe.

Mindful heart, what is this exactly? Are we mindful as the heart beats out timeless emotions? Do we breathe in consciousness? Do we exhale the subconscious into the human expression of itself. Mindless we choose, mindful we challenge our emotions to be mindful of how we express them. I am aware of my heart but am I aware of my mindful heart?

Thinking perpetuates the ticking of what we memorize. Memory enbodies us to walk a path subconsciously to what we are actually trying to achieve. What are we trying to achieve? Human is what human thinks and perpetuates. Mindful heart is a distant path we are running to but never seem to get there. The beats are instinctive, our thoughts reach to those places that find achievement hard to conceive. We continue to run a particular path that only encircles the thoughts we encounter. Anything else is inconceiveable to our thoughts.

The depth of the mindful heart is never ending. Jump into the heart core and you will perceive the waters as light and airy not dark and merky, like our emotions. The channels are wide if you care to see them for what they are. Like the arteries they can be clogged with the muck of desires unobtainable.

Imperfection channels love of the mindful heart while perfection is mindless and small. Mindful heart gives us room to move, to relay information and for us to breathe. Mindlessness allows us to travel blindly through the merky waters of our subconscious mind finding no sobriety to the circle we travel. Mindful heart is an opportunity to be imperfect, to learn as we enjoy failure in a delightful and inspiring way. Clarity comes in many ways but usually not in the way you are inspired to see it. That in itself is something to think about. Opposites are attractive and yet unworthy to our perspective mind. We gainly fail to see the beauty in the part that says we are in unknown territory and that we can achieve, difference.

Mindful heart, listen to the beats as they help you walk not in a circle but in a spiral of unique opportunity to be the human that becomes the perfection of imperfection.

Mindful heart are you listening to what it saying?

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