Humble Pie

Ingredients to make Humble Pie.

You will need a few days of emotional turmoil, coupled with large amounts of buttering up. Sometimes a little salt in the wound can help process the crustiness of the issues but how much you decide to use is up to the situation. a pinch or more may hurt but a teaspoon will cleanse the soul of the batter( matter).

Stirring up the confrontation closes the gaps within the situation by adding the tears of happiness or remorse. Icy cold it melds together the emotions that are the makeup of the dough. To much neediness in the needing will lead to a toughness that surrounds the heart, too little and you can remain flakey in appearance. Don’t forget to roll around in the thoughts that surround because a circle is still a circle.

Next fill the bowl with all the memories that you continue to remenace about. Good times requires a lot of sugar, less if you can let things go of the context easier. Fruit is in the pudding, what gels your brain matter is taking it to another level up or down? Berries for merriment, peaches for squeezing out the impartial or apples because you are a tart. How can you make this a perfect example of your situation? Memories will do. Can you in all honesty digest them, letting the ingredients go, eating a slice when done? Or will you sit there and stare at the finished product until it rots in your presence? There is no joy in participation, when not getting involved, leaves you blank and unsuccessful like a pie under baked.

Bake it at a temperature that will cook the contents of all those emotions and memories into a product that can be sentenced to a death by high heat. Cut marks into the substance of the awkward and communicate with the product by using your senses. Smell the goodness of letting go, taste the pleasures of life in nibbling the leftover uncooked dough and fillings, then touch the softness of the heart as you place it in the oven to bake away. See your anxiety, stress and emotional turmoil bubble away as the juices seep through the topping. No, don’t wipe away the dripples, let them drop into the pan below sizzling away what you could’nt face. Hold onto nothing but the taste of this pie when it’s done.

Do not forget to share each piece with a little bit of yourself. Each part of you is about to be devoured by a spirit of compassion and love. Beautiful blessed pie, fresh out of the oven. Golden and delicious because you baked it with the clarity of a souls’ wish to move on.

Humble pie is yours for the making and the eating and the letting go, one piece at a time, until all thats left are the crumbs that can no longer hold you down in a doughy mess of emotional turmoil. Clean the plate, lick the dish with your finger, push the crumbs into a bag or feed them to the birds.

Humble Pie. Next time you can make a casserole to share for all to converse upon.


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