Untitled and Always Amended

Does the flowering bud refuse to open because the sky is dark? One petal at a time it’s shape clamming up and making the flower feel lopsided?

Can a cloud command the rain not to pour forth? Do they refuse to let the sun come out for your enjoyment, just because it’s having a bad day?

The rain does it apologize for its self worth issues remaining silent, clamming up and allowing the dirt to dry out?. Does rain ruin a beautiful day?

What about a tree? Should the tree shake off the birds because it’s feeling the birds weight on its shouldered branches. Do trees reject the purpose of the pine cones, because it wants to be left alone?

Flowers bloom in the midst of a snowstorm. Buds come through the stems even though they may not be wanted by their proprietor. The gardener wishing the flower ill will.

Clouds come and go, emitting rain, wind and snow. Do clouds cry out in anger purposefully dropping rain on us? Are raindrops the saddness the atmosphere feels when we pollute her? What about windstorms, hurricanes and tornadoes? Can you see their frustration mirror the delusions of humans on a daily level. Who fears who?

Where would the earth be without trees? What would the ground look like without the compassion a shaded tree has for it’s purpose? If trees refused the birds nesting or they didn’t want the carbon monoxide from the emmissions? Where would we be?

We forget that our commands, our wants and desires are not rationed on decisions made but an ongoing process of life and death.

Sit for a moment in the midst of a flowering field, are we denied the right to feel beauty? Stand in the pouring rain or in a windstorm and breath in the clarity from the clearing of the air. Climb a tree, sit on it’s branches and see the world in a different way.

Flowers will continue to bloom without us, rain will cleanse the earth when we are no longer here and the trees will always protect all that lives beneath their shade and sit in their branches.

Compassion and graditude is where we should begin and begin with the smallest of creatures. We are not denied the right to live and in doing so we deny that right every day to every living thing. Look down at the ground then look up at the sky. There are so many wonders to behold right before your eyes.

Lest we forget.

The Collective Closet

What’s in your collective closet? Open the doors and let’s peruse the racks of organized or unorganized agendas.

Is there shirts hung on hangers, buttoned or unbuttoned? Do you send them out to the cleaners coming back neatly done up in their plastic bags? Are you into colours, neutrals, solids or prints. Maybe your the gray or only white kind of being.

Do your pants stay upright, folded in a controlled configuration of jeans, casual and suited styles.  The cuffs turned in a uniform manner or possibly random in sizes you perfect in the choices you make.. Are you button up, pull up or zipper minded?

Closets can be full of secrets held in underwear drawers. Socks huddled together in the corners unused by other items and coordinated ties on racks to suit your daily flavour. Are you an organizer? Do you own a closet that can fold out in many directions similar to each personality or occasion. How do you feel when dressed. Are you a differen person on the inside? Better check the mirror.

Is your lifestyle cramped and crumpled like the many attitudes you wake up with? People coming and going inside your head at a moments notice requires you to challenge yourself and how your closet looks. What picture do you portrait? Whatever, whomever comes along, are you contained in a closeted personality of many do’s and dont’s? Shoes piled high randomly thrown about as you tend to pick through them. Your ideas similar in fashion. Do I see a shoe rack, labled with days of the week or matching the other outfits you wear. Are your thoughts that too, connected by days of the week?

Who does your weekends look like? Laudry thrown into a basket, full of used memories that you’d like to wash away but keep like the picture albums on the top shelf. You send your self memo’s in reminder but they too get lost in the piles that are building up inside the overly heavy closet space of your mind.

You tell yourself you will move and remove the clutter into boxes and bags but you only see contemplation of times past. How do you get rid of that? Another option is to take the seasonal stuff and move it to the other room, into another closet until you can deal with those items too. Do you find that those emotions too get shuffled about from space to space like the basement closet full of things no longer thought about? It’s hard to let go. Some of that stuff your looking at may fit you again one day, then again maybe never, but how does one decifer?

Let’s take a look into the closet. What do we see? A closet of mirrored reflections worn in the attire we wear, store and push to the back?

Are you able to see the back of the walls, minimal clothing that can be used in multiple places and only shoes for positive activites that make you feel like dancing in the sun? If so you are a closetless human with many possibilites.

Whats Your Happiness (Nest)

Whats your happiness objective? Is it superficial, magical, spiritual or physical? Each of us has a happiness nest. A place in a somewhere land that holds our values, our thruths, our desires and our objects of affection. A place where we nest, take refuge in times of need. Sometimes anger can get in the way or fear but we eventually find our way to the nest of our choosing; in one way or another.

Tell me did you build your happiness nest in a high tree? Maybe you thought the best nest was under a trough or by a abandoned object. Each nest we build we build for a reason or objectve. Some nests we build are poorly designed. We put them together with items we find on your way to somewhere. Are these items stong connections or are they barely able to be held together?  Do we have a desiny?  Building a nest without a destination is a poorly built nest. How do we know what it will be like or how long it will last?

We love temporary housing. Places in our heart we can turn too in times of emotional support. A nest with weak branches and unstable supports can work in the short term but what happens when a storm hits? Emotions fall apart quickly and you are left with remnants of a enterprise you thought would hold you, comfort you for a time.

Lets think about this. Take the time to build happiness (nests) in a place with stronger connections, broader ideas and impermanent mindfulness. Use the nest for what you think best and then build another when it’s needed. Nothing lasts forever not even happiness nests. They are destoryed by hurt, anger, obsessions and desires that are not built on a foundation of love for yourself.

Denial builds nests that a strong wind can wipe away in a moments time. Emotional stress may be built on eating disorders, depression or anxiety but it will not hold you when the rain comes and melts it all away.

Happiness comes from compassionate thoughts, caring and clarity and trees that can brace the wind and rain from angry words or floods of tears. Nests built of healthy attitudes will support you on your way to another nest along the way. Each time giving you the comfort of what is real.

Happiness nests can’t be build on broken dreams; because like branches these dreams will break down and fall to the ground leaving you helpless and alone. But dreams that take time and are build on realistic goals, are better made and more substantial in the materials that you will learn to use. Health, faith, fitness, mindfulness of the situation, can be the tools you will always carry around with you.

Build a nest that can be used by others along their own flight. When you build upon constructive thought your nest remains intact. Your actions can help others to find a happiness nest, even if you don’t need it anymore, someone else might.  It can shine a light that last forever. Be compassionate and caring. Be realistic with your goals. Don’t deter your flight by food for thought or issues of oppression on your behalf. It will become a undone nest that has already fallen apart before it’s made.

Nesting in a place of happiness, and happy endings can bring about new beginnings. and new patterns. Flight becomes freedom and nesting becomes a tour of neverending completions.

I will Put My Hand Up

I will put my hand up. Ask me a question and I will put my hand up. Maybe I should think about it first? I will just put my hand up and think about it later.

There are no wrong answers, you know. The art of just putting your hand up qualifies you to be a part of the moment. Just put your hand up and if you don’t have the right answer you can ask a question and someone else will hopefully give you the answers.

Life is living. Life is living in the moment. Most of the time we sit there on our hands waiting to be given the answers we seek or try to negotiate the quest or an answer. Why wait? Just put your hand up and be a part of the moment that may transpire into something great. Like the answers you may have been searching for.

Sit in the circle and watch it go round. Does it have a beginning or and end. Can you see the entrance or the exit? Most likely once you have sat in the circle the doors become blended into the ongoing circle of every moment to come. Do you hold hands with the past and the future who by the way sit next to you on either side. Look over at them, what do you see? If you hold hands you may see nothing more than a swiftness of motion, moving you from where you sit to the next chair. Even though you move you stand still. Put your hand up and see what happens when you don’t know what to do. You will see the moment that you move to the right direction. There is always someone who will have an idea or another question you can answer.

Put your hand up and reverse the sequence. Ask a question. Maybe you don’t know an answer to an unknown question but you may get involved in a discussion of present events that are affecting or infecting you life.

Take you hands from under your seat. Put them up in the air. Put them up high enough that someone sees you, someone hears you, someone acknowledges your presence. Otherwise you are invisable to all.

Look about you. What do you see? Do you sit in a circle of people who do not communicate? Not one hand reaching for the stars and the knowledge that surrounds us all. If so leave that circle. Find another where you not only have hands in the air but the circle becomes a non circle. A spiral of colour and design, where everything is possible.

Put your hands up reach to the higest of probabilities. Answer the most difficult of questions, because you do have the answers and those answers can set you free.


We had a conversation today, it was compeling. “Wasn’t it?”

“I’m not sure, I don’t remember.”  My memory is waning, like the moon when it’s new. The only brightness I think of is the flashlight that shines on my shoes.

“It was a inspiring talk we had. We shared a lot of stuff, we have never shared before. I felt connected to you.” “You did?” “Why can’t I remember this?”

I had a conversation today with a friend, the coffee was great. We sat outside and enjoyed something. I still can’t remember what though. We talked about life and we talked about age. I think. Oh I did notice that the waiter was amazing, that’s good isn’t it?

” I sure enjoyed our conversation this morning.” You wore a great looking pair of shoes. I watched you wiggle your toes in them as you talked. “What did you say we talked about?” “All I remember thinking about was the colour of your nail polish. Where can I get it.”

Enjoyed our conversation this morning. Let’s do it again when my mind isn’t so full of the things I have to do. But I did like the kind of coffee you ordered. What was it? Black too, I will have to try it. “Hey what did you say, I think I heard you but I was worried about getting to the store and what I needed to buy. Can you repeat it.” “Sorry I didn’t quite catch the memory we shared.”

Our conversation, yes our conversation. I think I was paying the bill when you said something so inspirational. ” Let’s do this again, ok.”

We had a sad conversation this morning. I do remember the rain on the window panes. The coffee shop was busy. too wasn’t it. I think I’m losing my thoughts. I know you told me something important but I saw a coffee cake in the counter top window. It looked so delicious that I didn’t quite hear the saddness in your voice. The tremour in the vocal cords. “I’m sorry, what happened?”

We had a great conversation this morning. I do remember that we talked. “We will have to do it again sometime.”

 I saw you today. I cannot really talk to you and tell you how sad I am. I wanted to call you and tell you that I am sorry I never listened to what you had to say. My mind was on busy mode and now that I want to I cannot. “I’m sorry.” “I’m so sorry that I didn’t listen, that I didin’t let go of my own stuff to hear you.” I hope your in a better place today, maybe someday we can talk again. “When I see you….”

The flowers smelled nice. I do remember that. I tried hard and I opened myself up to the grief I feel. That helps me remember that you will always be my friend. Saw a lot of our friends too. I told them we should have coffee. “When today?. “Sorry I don’t have time to share the memories. Maybe next time.”

See you around someday. “Oh, I’m sorry what did you say?” “Yes let’s have that conversation soon.” ” Sorry got to run, so much to do you know. What it’s like, where you are.” Wish I could stay here with you forever, but my laudry needs cleaning. I need to buy groceries. My life is a mess. You remember the conversations we used to have?

We had a conversation over cofee today, you and I. Although I sat alone in our favorite spot, I had that same coffee you liked. I tried to pay attention but there’s so much going on, it’s hard to concentrate. I wish I would have paid attention.

I think today it will be a conversation with myself. Your chair is empty, you are invisable to everyone but me and now I am waiting to listen. I think I need to listen.

“So Tell me how your day is?”

My Purpose Is Making Soup

Isn’t it grand! I have found my purpose. I have longed for years to be able to say that I have.

We all have purpose. Purpose to live, purpose to love comapssionately, and a purpose to die. Really to be realistic any other purpose is just a temporary purpose. I would rather call it purposeful acts.

Oh but having a purpose is designing a plan. A plan that can extend years, generations or maybe just days. It takes time, all your time when your in purpose because how can you think of anything else. We plan our days, our years and even our minutes. Not a second goes by that our minds are quiet within the realm of purpose.

Generally speaking purpose has purpose. It takes our minds away to somewhere else. Like a vacation from the moment when we should be concentrating on the present. Where do we go from here? We figure and we try and figure it out. Left, right, forward or hopefully not backwards. Although sometimes backwards is better than staying put in one place getting nowhere.

Plans, actions, expectations all have purpose. Always moving forward in a direction of getting nowhere because no where is really now here, or no where in particular. Purposeful daydreams. If only I had a purpose my life would be so awesome. Isn’t that what we envision?

Today I decided I would have no more purposes. That my life is predestined and any purpose other that that purpose is not going to get me anywhere.

So far so good, no purpose just going with the flow. whatever arose I did, whatever came into my moment I figured is suppose to be. Get up, get out and get going. Destination, who knows? I am sure I do. It may not be written down on a piece of paper, or in a book but it’s somewhere. I pick it out of the air, or through my third eye. When it’s working I have intuition. When it knocks me on the side of the head it’s Karma. Either way I am in Purpose.

Today I breathe, my heart beats. My mouth gets fed and my feet walk to a destination my mind tells me where to go.

Today I make soup.

The Wisdom of Why

Ask me a question and I will tell you why. If you give me reason then I would ask you why.

A dance of three letters bound by lessons, informed by the diction to insist on answers. Answers then placed in a void of objections, if we believe we hear the truth. Whose truth?

Who is a constant and it could be anything from an object or an obsession. What is subjective to the material you are given and when and where only come into play if something is amiss. Why is this so.

How can three letters in the form of such a small word have so much impact on our world. A simple yes or no cannot suffice because we have a hibitual sense of self that questions everything. We like to toy with idea of negatives and positives even when the answers are clearly written down. Objects and subjects stand before us but the truth is hidden until we deem it so. Do you believe in what you see? Are we indulgent in what we hear or is it hearsay?

Our thoughts waver when in need of acceptance for the word, Why. Is the sky really blue, some could even question that.

Maybe why is a word to be used descetely. Causiously and not with callus. To ask is to be given a wisdom we never had before. A choice to believe or not to believe. To provoke thoughts inside a mind already made up with belief. Dont be incohearent, inaudible to the sounds of reason. There is wisdom in Why if we search long and hard.

We ask, our mouths open, we think ours minds close. Present is being present when the gift of wisdom is heard. Why? Why! Why.