The Wisdom of Why

Ask me a question and I will tell you why. If you give me reason then I would ask you why.

A dance of three letters bound by lessons, informed by the diction to insist on answers. Answers then placed in a void of objections, if we believe we hear the truth. Whose truth?

Who is a constant and it could be anything from an object or an obsession. What is subjective to the material you are given and when and where only come into play if something is amiss. Why is this so.

How can three letters in the form of such a small word have so much impact on our world. A simple yes or no cannot suffice because we have a hibitual sense of self that questions everything. We like to toy with idea of negatives and positives even when the answers are clearly written down. Objects and subjects stand before us but the truth is hidden until we deem it so. Do you believe in what you see? Are we indulgent in what we hear or is it hearsay?

Our thoughts waver when in need of acceptance for the word, Why. Is the sky really blue, some could even question that.

Maybe why is a word to be used descetely. Causiously and not with callus. To ask is to be given a wisdom we never had before. A choice to believe or not to believe. To provoke thoughts inside a mind already made up with belief. Dont be incohearent, inaudible to the sounds of reason. There is wisdom in Why if we search long and hard.

We ask, our mouths open, we think ours minds close. Present is being present when the gift of wisdom is heard. Why? Why! Why.


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