My Purpose Is Making Soup

Isn’t it grand! I have found my purpose. I have longed for years to be able to say that I have.

We all have purpose. Purpose to live, purpose to love comapssionately, and a purpose to die. Really to be realistic any other purpose is just a temporary purpose. I would rather call it purposeful acts.

Oh but having a purpose is designing a plan. A plan that can extend years, generations or maybe just days. It takes time, all your time when your in purpose because how can you think of anything else. We plan our days, our years and even our minutes. Not a second goes by that our minds are quiet within the realm of purpose.

Generally speaking purpose has purpose. It takes our minds away to somewhere else. Like a vacation from the moment when we should be concentrating on the present. Where do we go from here? We figure and we try and figure it out. Left, right, forward or hopefully not backwards. Although sometimes backwards is better than staying put in one place getting nowhere.

Plans, actions, expectations all have purpose. Always moving forward in a direction of getting nowhere because no where is really now here, or no where in particular. Purposeful daydreams. If only I had a purpose my life would be so awesome. Isn’t that what we envision?

Today I decided I would have no more purposes. That my life is predestined and any purpose other that that purpose is not going to get me anywhere.

So far so good, no purpose just going with the flow. whatever arose I did, whatever came into my moment I figured is suppose to be. Get up, get out and get going. Destination, who knows? I am sure I do. It may not be written down on a piece of paper, or in a book but it’s somewhere. I pick it out of the air, or through my third eye. When it’s working I have intuition. When it knocks me on the side of the head it’s Karma. Either way I am in Purpose.

Today I breathe, my heart beats. My mouth gets fed and my feet walk to a destination my mind tells me where to go.

Today I make soup.

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