We had a conversation today, it was compeling. “Wasn’t it?”

“I’m not sure, I don’t remember.”  My memory is waning, like the moon when it’s new. The only brightness I think of is the flashlight that shines on my shoes.

“It was a inspiring talk we had. We shared a lot of stuff, we have never shared before. I felt connected to you.” “You did?” “Why can’t I remember this?”

I had a conversation today with a friend, the coffee was great. We sat outside and enjoyed something. I still can’t remember what though. We talked about life and we talked about age. I think. Oh I did notice that the waiter was amazing, that’s good isn’t it?

” I sure enjoyed our conversation this morning.” You wore a great looking pair of shoes. I watched you wiggle your toes in them as you talked. “What did you say we talked about?” “All I remember thinking about was the colour of your nail polish. Where can I get it.”

Enjoyed our conversation this morning. Let’s do it again when my mind isn’t so full of the things I have to do. But I did like the kind of coffee you ordered. What was it? Black too, I will have to try it. “Hey what did you say, I think I heard you but I was worried about getting to the store and what I needed to buy. Can you repeat it.” “Sorry I didn’t quite catch the memory we shared.”

Our conversation, yes our conversation. I think I was paying the bill when you said something so inspirational. ” Let’s do this again, ok.”

We had a sad conversation this morning. I do remember the rain on the window panes. The coffee shop was busy. too wasn’t it. I think I’m losing my thoughts. I know you told me something important but I saw a coffee cake in the counter top window. It looked so delicious that I didn’t quite hear the saddness in your voice. The tremour in the vocal cords. “I’m sorry, what happened?”

We had a great conversation this morning. I do remember that we talked. “We will have to do it again sometime.”

 I saw you today. I cannot really talk to you and tell you how sad I am. I wanted to call you and tell you that I am sorry I never listened to what you had to say. My mind was on busy mode and now that I want to I cannot. “I’m sorry.” “I’m so sorry that I didn’t listen, that I didin’t let go of my own stuff to hear you.” I hope your in a better place today, maybe someday we can talk again. “When I see you….”

The flowers smelled nice. I do remember that. I tried hard and I opened myself up to the grief I feel. That helps me remember that you will always be my friend. Saw a lot of our friends too. I told them we should have coffee. “When today?. “Sorry I don’t have time to share the memories. Maybe next time.”

See you around someday. “Oh, I’m sorry what did you say?” “Yes let’s have that conversation soon.” ” Sorry got to run, so much to do you know. What it’s like, where you are.” Wish I could stay here with you forever, but my laudry needs cleaning. I need to buy groceries. My life is a mess. You remember the conversations we used to have?

We had a conversation over cofee today, you and I. Although I sat alone in our favorite spot, I had that same coffee you liked. I tried to pay attention but there’s so much going on, it’s hard to concentrate. I wish I would have paid attention.

I think today it will be a conversation with myself. Your chair is empty, you are invisable to everyone but me and now I am waiting to listen. I think I need to listen.

“So Tell me how your day is?”

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