I will Put My Hand Up

I will put my hand up. Ask me a question and I will put my hand up. Maybe I should think about it first? I will just put my hand up and think about it later.

There are no wrong answers, you know. The art of just putting your hand up qualifies you to be a part of the moment. Just put your hand up and if you don’t have the right answer you can ask a question and someone else will hopefully give you the answers.

Life is living. Life is living in the moment. Most of the time we sit there on our hands waiting to be given the answers we seek or try to negotiate the quest or an answer. Why wait? Just put your hand up and be a part of the moment that may transpire into something great. Like the answers you may have been searching for.

Sit in the circle and watch it go round. Does it have a beginning or and end. Can you see the entrance or the exit? Most likely once you have sat in the circle the doors become blended into the ongoing circle of every moment to come. Do you hold hands with the past and the future who by the way sit next to you on either side. Look over at them, what do you see? If you hold hands you may see nothing more than a swiftness of motion, moving you from where you sit to the next chair. Even though you move you stand still. Put your hand up and see what happens when you don’t know what to do. You will see the moment that you move to the right direction. There is always someone who will have an idea or another question you can answer.

Put your hand up and reverse the sequence. Ask a question. Maybe you don’t know an answer to an unknown question but you may get involved in a discussion of present events that are affecting or infecting you life.

Take you hands from under your seat. Put them up in the air. Put them up high enough that someone sees you, someone hears you, someone acknowledges your presence. Otherwise you are invisable to all.

Look about you. What do you see? Do you sit in a circle of people who do not communicate? Not one hand reaching for the stars and the knowledge that surrounds us all. If so leave that circle. Find another where you not only have hands in the air but the circle becomes a non circle. A spiral of colour and design, where everything is possible.

Put your hands up reach to the higest of probabilities. Answer the most difficult of questions, because you do have the answers and those answers can set you free.

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