Whats Your Happiness (Nest)

Whats your happiness objective? Is it superficial, magical, spiritual or physical? Each of us has a happiness nest. A place in a somewhere land that holds our values, our thruths, our desires and our objects of affection. A place where we nest, take refuge in times of need. Sometimes anger can get in the way or fear but we eventually find our way to the nest of our choosing; in one way or another.

Tell me did you build your happiness nest in a high tree? Maybe you thought the best nest was under a trough or by a abandoned object. Each nest we build we build for a reason or objectve. Some nests we build are poorly designed. We put them together with items we find on your way to somewhere. Are these items stong connections or are they barely able to be held together?  Do we have a desiny?  Building a nest without a destination is a poorly built nest. How do we know what it will be like or how long it will last?

We love temporary housing. Places in our heart we can turn too in times of emotional support. A nest with weak branches and unstable supports can work in the short term but what happens when a storm hits? Emotions fall apart quickly and you are left with remnants of a enterprise you thought would hold you, comfort you for a time.

Lets think about this. Take the time to build happiness (nests) in a place with stronger connections, broader ideas and impermanent mindfulness. Use the nest for what you think best and then build another when it’s needed. Nothing lasts forever not even happiness nests. They are destoryed by hurt, anger, obsessions and desires that are not built on a foundation of love for yourself.

Denial builds nests that a strong wind can wipe away in a moments time. Emotional stress may be built on eating disorders, depression or anxiety but it will not hold you when the rain comes and melts it all away.

Happiness comes from compassionate thoughts, caring and clarity and trees that can brace the wind and rain from angry words or floods of tears. Nests built of healthy attitudes will support you on your way to another nest along the way. Each time giving you the comfort of what is real.

Happiness nests can’t be build on broken dreams; because like branches these dreams will break down and fall to the ground leaving you helpless and alone. But dreams that take time and are build on realistic goals, are better made and more substantial in the materials that you will learn to use. Health, faith, fitness, mindfulness of the situation, can be the tools you will always carry around with you.

Build a nest that can be used by others along their own flight. When you build upon constructive thought your nest remains intact. Your actions can help others to find a happiness nest, even if you don’t need it anymore, someone else might.  It can shine a light that last forever. Be compassionate and caring. Be realistic with your goals. Don’t deter your flight by food for thought or issues of oppression on your behalf. It will become a undone nest that has already fallen apart before it’s made.

Nesting in a place of happiness, and happy endings can bring about new beginnings. and new patterns. Flight becomes freedom and nesting becomes a tour of neverending completions.

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