The Collective Closet

What’s in your collective closet? Open the doors and let’s peruse the racks of organized or unorganized agendas.

Is there shirts hung on hangers, buttoned or unbuttoned? Do you send them out to the cleaners coming back neatly done up in their plastic bags? Are you into colours, neutrals, solids or prints. Maybe your the gray or only white kind of being.

Do your pants stay upright, folded in a controlled configuration of jeans, casual and suited styles.  The cuffs turned in a uniform manner or possibly random in sizes you perfect in the choices you make.. Are you button up, pull up or zipper minded?

Closets can be full of secrets held in underwear drawers. Socks huddled together in the corners unused by other items and coordinated ties on racks to suit your daily flavour. Are you an organizer? Do you own a closet that can fold out in many directions similar to each personality or occasion. How do you feel when dressed. Are you a differen person on the inside? Better check the mirror.

Is your lifestyle cramped and crumpled like the many attitudes you wake up with? People coming and going inside your head at a moments notice requires you to challenge yourself and how your closet looks. What picture do you portrait? Whatever, whomever comes along, are you contained in a closeted personality of many do’s and dont’s? Shoes piled high randomly thrown about as you tend to pick through them. Your ideas similar in fashion. Do I see a shoe rack, labled with days of the week or matching the other outfits you wear. Are your thoughts that too, connected by days of the week?

Who does your weekends look like? Laudry thrown into a basket, full of used memories that you’d like to wash away but keep like the picture albums on the top shelf. You send your self memo’s in reminder but they too get lost in the piles that are building up inside the overly heavy closet space of your mind.

You tell yourself you will move and remove the clutter into boxes and bags but you only see contemplation of times past. How do you get rid of that? Another option is to take the seasonal stuff and move it to the other room, into another closet until you can deal with those items too. Do you find that those emotions too get shuffled about from space to space like the basement closet full of things no longer thought about? It’s hard to let go. Some of that stuff your looking at may fit you again one day, then again maybe never, but how does one decifer?

Let’s take a look into the closet. What do we see? A closet of mirrored reflections worn in the attire we wear, store and push to the back?

Are you able to see the back of the walls, minimal clothing that can be used in multiple places and only shoes for positive activites that make you feel like dancing in the sun? If so you are a closetless human with many possibilites.

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