Untitled and Always Amended

Does the flowering bud refuse to open because the sky is dark? One petal at a time it’s shape clamming up and making the flower feel lopsided?

Can a cloud command the rain not to pour forth? Do they refuse to let the sun come out for your enjoyment, just because it’s having a bad day?

The rain does it apologize for its self worth issues remaining silent, clamming up and allowing the dirt to dry out?. Does rain ruin a beautiful day?

What about a tree? Should the tree shake off the birds because it’s feeling the birds weight on its shouldered branches. Do trees reject the purpose of the pine cones, because it wants to be left alone?

Flowers bloom in the midst of a snowstorm. Buds come through the stems even though they may not be wanted by their proprietor. The gardener wishing the flower ill will.

Clouds come and go, emitting rain, wind and snow. Do clouds cry out in anger purposefully dropping rain on us? Are raindrops the saddness the atmosphere feels when we pollute her? What about windstorms, hurricanes and tornadoes? Can you see their frustration mirror the delusions of humans on a daily level. Who fears who?

Where would the earth be without trees? What would the ground look like without the compassion a shaded tree has for it’s purpose? If trees refused the birds nesting or they didn’t want the carbon monoxide from the emmissions? Where would we be?

We forget that our commands, our wants and desires are not rationed on decisions made but an ongoing process of life and death.

Sit for a moment in the midst of a flowering field, are we denied the right to feel beauty? Stand in the pouring rain or in a windstorm and breath in the clarity from the clearing of the air. Climb a tree, sit on it’s branches and see the world in a different way.

Flowers will continue to bloom without us, rain will cleanse the earth when we are no longer here and the trees will always protect all that lives beneath their shade and sit in their branches.

Compassion and graditude is where we should begin and begin with the smallest of creatures. We are not denied the right to live and in doing so we deny that right every day to every living thing. Look down at the ground then look up at the sky. There are so many wonders to behold right before your eyes.

Lest we forget.

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