Journey. Journey to the unknown, being adventurous, traveling down those little known roads to where life leads you. Experience the morsels of knowledge, the tastiness of understanding, the produce of your undertakings.

Journey. Journey to where you know is real. Let reality lead the way, giving you an invitation in which you will go someday. You have your maps and schedules, your expectations and your needs. This will provide for you, give you closure, sometimes having a plan is a road more frequently taken but sometimes more abused. Do you really want to know what life tastes like before you taste it? There is no deviation down the road for you to experience.

Which ever way you decide to journey is up to you. Some may want adventure some may not. Can you put on a blindfold and taste the delights that foods have to offer without seeing what your eating? Can you try something different? Food for the soul can be as tasty as french fries and a hot dog.

Language is diversive but smiles are the language of the heart. No need to bring a dictionary to receive what another offers. Toothless grins, open mouth laughter even tears associated with whispers of pain can be cheerful if one understands the smile they are offered.

Walk with both feet on the ground. The balance is better received from the brain. Each toe emmerced in the sands of time accompanied by an ocean breeze. Shoes will walk a mile or more if the pavement isn’t hot and blistering, walking you up a mountain peak, snow packed and cool to the touch.

Where are you going? Have you chosen a direction for your journey? Thirsty for knowledge try a elexir of ginger and tumeric. Kick start your brains neurons for a better connection.

Food tastes better with laughter. Home cooked meals stired up with love helps embrace the community of neighbours and family. Send the kids out to the garden and let them play in the dirt, fingers picking up the nights menu. Service with a smile and a carrot to chew the blues away.

Linger into the sunset, on a wooden porch swing or on lawn chairs. Share the days news with a hot tea or glass of beer with those you care for. Watch the sun rise again the next morning not forgetting who you are and why you are here. Be in the moment and don’t let it pass you by.

Journey. Journey to wherever you are. Close your eyes and be there, now.


A light sines in the darkness, what does it see? Does it see the true image?

Are lights necessary to reflect the darkness?

What about vision? Do we have the tools to see without seeing? Comparing as we do light to dark, and again dark to light?

A shadow in the distance, a true worth of what it sees? Is it real or a redition of something the mind thinks it sees?

Art encircled in the sight of the eye, created by what you see. Reflections of past, present and possible futures.

Reflect. Reflection. See into the darkness, let your eyes get used to it and then see what is real. A pool of water, cool and clear, shows the reality of what we are looking at. It can reflect the attitude, or it can be a reflection of the reality. If there are ripples is it clarity or a proposal of an expectation. A distortion of the looker, looking into. The moon may be behind you, shining its own reflection, reflecting you.

Are you willing to look into a dark corner and see what is hiding there? Does it scare you? What if it was a sunny day and the sun reflected at your back? Could you then walk by that place at night without fear, without a flashlight to light your way? Would you feel safe?

Darkness and shadows vs. Light and reflection. Reflecting on a vision that “looks like” , but is it really?

A flashlight looks ahead? A view in proportion to the distance it is seen. Is it real?

Reflect upon the darkness, face it in it’s realness, not on a value to see it but what you hear, feel, and acknowledge to be there. If you fear, you will fear everything. If you quest, your questions will be answered.

Reflections are obvious. Light up the night skies with your intentions and not your regrets.



To Whom It May Concern

To whom it may concern, to you it may concern, to this it may be concerning.

What is it?

Is it Life? Love? Maybe it’s resentment or contol? Sometimes it’s fear and anger, a resolution that never happened.

So, is this a letter never sent? A proposition you couldn’t obtain? A resume colored with inuendo’s that were not true?

It’s in the garbage isn’t it? All those pieces of paper, crumpled up, tossed and damaged like yourself. You just couldn’t come up with the right words to write, the conversation that preceeded the issues was unbecoming. Maybe you forget to the trust yourself to write the right things down to represent yourself in a worthy way.

How many times did you reach into the basket and retreve it, or them, to go over the sentences in your head? Did it work. Did you take the worthy stuff and add other worthy things to it to make it read better?

Are there notes of sorry to another, that call to you from those crumpled papers, compassionate sounds you muttered because you are wrong, but can’t write that down. How about the tears that scent the pages, those water marks that you will never confess to?

Did you even start the letter after the introduction. You wanted so much to be interviewed. You believe you have so much to offer. You do don’t you?

Is there some courage there to tell the truth? Honesty comes at a price we are all told. Yet to what price do we market the best we are?

I have a sense that you are sitting at your desk really trying to put forth a good objective. Picking up the pen first and maybe you are twirling it around your fingers getting a sense of the written words you wish to project onto the paper. Did anyone ever say they told you so? Did they and did you listen?

So who does this concern, as the paper states? Is it personal, personable. Will you be liked or possibly loved for what you wrote? Sincerity is complicated. Sincerely is what you will say in the end, hopefully meaning it.

To whom this concerns, concerns everyone. How you put that into words connects you to those who will witness your hand as they open the letter. Cleverness is resourceful but it may not get the point across so be careful with that first sentence.

Be subjective. If its a point of view, show it to be universal. If it’s caring, send it with the love you have in your heart and if it for your betterment show your strengths and witness those accomplishments as they are told by you.

There is no need to hesitate. Your concern is open. Anger and fear are a common reaction to a secret, but to embellish it gets the letter to whom into a trash can.

Be simple and to Whom It May Concern will end up being the best ever written.



I saw an opportunity to linger, so I stayed awhile.

I questioned myself as to what lingering is? So I sat on the park bench and tried to find the place where your mind goes, that dictated the next thought.

I asked myself, “Where do I go from here?”

I sat quietly and gazed into the distance. Nothing stood out so I continued to stare. What could be the object of my sight? “What was I looking for?” I interpreted the comment of not wanting to think as a sign to stay awhile longer and continue to observe this contentment.

I wondered when the answers would come to me? I hope this lingering will tell me.

As I looked about I began to notice the other lingerers, lingering about also? Curious, I wondered why they too had picked this day of all days to do as I am doing. Do I question them, like a dectective looking for answers? Do I just watch them, and summize the outcomes they show me? They too must be watching me, as I them. What a curious thought, indeed.

This opportunity to linger is thought provoking.

I decided to stay awhile longer and mingle with the lingerers. There was no need for conversations or advice on why we all linger, but to be observant.  To observe the smiles that crossed faces, the thoughtful touch as fingers combed the grass beneath relaxed bodies. Did we bench warm so someone else could sit after we did and get the feelings of our own comfort? Could this all be in purpose?

As I moved about, I wandered in a uncomplicated pattern. First I sat on the bench, then I walked by the pond and watched the ducks pursue the breadcrumbs tossed to them. I saw children with nothing better to do but play for awhile while their parents lingered in a moment of remembered childhood. There were many older folks too, serene faces in contemplation that they really had no where to go, not yet anyways and sitting here was just a pleasent place to be. Lovers sat on blankets, dogs ran to and from their owners happy to be out of their homes and not a on a leash, like most of us humans sometimes.

Yes, this lingering is contagious. It makes you want to linger forever in the quiet of the moment where no thoughts protrude. No mistaking the fact that we have really no place to go and nothing to do that is so important, except to be happy. Right here right now, lingering in the serenity of a peaceful mind.

So I stayed and I lingered. I conversed with strangers and played with their dogs. I saw friends and made new aqaintances, found new objectives and told myself stories of change. I think I will linger a little longer and then come back and linger another day. I will take my new thoughts home with me and tell everyone what a great time I had.

Maybe, just maybe they too will find the time, taking the time, to linger awhile too.

Mind Blender

Shall we?



Blender as in drink? What shall we make?

Mind Blender.

You mean my blender? I don’t have one, we will have to use yours. I put mine away, it didn’t work anymore. The brain broke, no I mean the electrical components don’t connect to get a spark. The main motor is non responsive.

Oh, thats strange, did you try rebooting the cortex? How about the use of your cells are they able to recharge? What have you been using for an energy source?

Well I’m not sure, the usual I guess. You know haven’t checked out the source lately, It’s been an emotional time for me.

Maybe its time to shut down and look at the loose wires and the plug? Sometimes we get so wired up in the wrong way we forget what’s important. Did you read the directions before you made the choices you did. Could that be the reason?

You know I’m not sure, I haven’t been myself lately. I’m a little confused too much going on. I don’t think I’ve replenished my cupbpards in awhile, wow realizations are amazing when I think clearly. Boy have I messed up.

Hey, I can help you if you like? How about taking it all apart one idea at a time and see where there’s an issue? Sometimes we by pass the important connections and use short cuts. What do you think?

Think? Hey I haven’t really thought about that? Some days thinking is a process that I bypass. Kind of hope the blender is used by someone else and I just take part. I allow other people to use it sometimes, guess I should just take that on myself. Do you mean I need to maintain my blender all the time? Sort of get down to what makes it work and review it systematically for a better purpose? Never thought of it like that.

I’m glad we are doing this. Mind blending is a strategic process that takes time and the use of no time limits when it comes to the time you use break down the information.. It should be meditative and relaxing, starting at your first objective, then continue one thought at a time. Sometimes when you just throw in all the ingrediants, of your actions in the blender at once, the blender gets bogged down with unnecessary information. Too much it just too much at once.

Never knew. You mean I blew a circuit? Melted some wires that I may need to get through my day. I guess if I don’t feed the machine it rusts and is becomes less useful.

I think you got it. So lets start out with what you use to feed the machine? Is it healthy information? Does it serve a purpose other than ego? Are you cleaning it out every time a thought comes into the container? These are all important things.

Wow thanks for this I could use some guided ideas. Mind blending is not as easy as I thought. So right ingredients, right speed, thoughtful actions and clean it once your done thinking about it.

What about the actual ingestion of the products you use. Does it bog you down, make you sleepy when you need to be aware? Do your actions speak louder than your words? Do you use your words properly, with truth?

I guess I need to take out the instruction book again. Sometimes I act to quickly, hastely and my thoughts get jumbled up. Misdirected because I think I know before I do.

So do you think you can fix your blender and this time mind blend correctly so it works for you? Nothing against you but just feel your way through one mouthful at a time.

Yes I will try. Thanks again. This time I will go slower, be more mindful and contemplative in the process of mind blending. Hey enjoy your day.

Yeah you too.

How Fast Can You Go?

Hey! How fast can you go when you are going nowhere in particular? Did you make plans, google directions? Maybe a spontanious trip aroused your intention to move about or make a different choice. What did you take for transportation? A car, a bike, or your feet.

Did you choose the car. Its very protective but your awareness isn’t too aware beacuse of the large vehicle you are driving. The windows and doors impeed your sight as does the other drivers trying to get there just as fast as you. Slowing down is contemplation and right now you don’t really want to contemplate so you drive in your armored car that protects you from feeling things you’d rather not feel, instead of taking back roads for the view and the pleasure. It’s easier to take the car but the work comes when the body does the work of the mind.

What about the bike? The pleasure of sun warming your face and the wind on your back. Not much riding this year yet, guess you have too many things to think about. Is it about distance in less time or a leisurely vacation from time? How fast can you peddle to that place when your feet do circles around you? Did you get to your destination in the belief that you are doing it right? Did you get there at all? Cycling through the rough times helps you pursue the truth. Fast and attentive drives you to your destination, while quieting your mind from all it’s disturbances. Slow and mellow gives you time to think things over before you get there. On a bike, you can see, feel, and be in the moment. The wind in your face helps you understand more, love nature.

Decided to put your shoes on, one foot at ┬átime lacing up the runners that make you feel good? Take an extra moment and feel your toes wiggle into those shoes as they feel freedom from choices of where to go and how to get there. You can just go out the front door and take whatever direction you choose. Seeing the goal brings you closer to the objective especially when you can, at any time, stop and take notice of where you are, before you get there. Dirt roads, untracked paths or paved sidewalks, it’s all good.

Whatever you do, where ever you decide to go, go with inspiration. Drive while accommidating others, site see on the country roads. Visualize freedom in long distances. Peddle in the notion that those circles your legs do will get you somewhere, where you can find graditude and not drama. We have feet for a reason. Whether they push, peddle or stride us to our goals, or destinations in life. Feet first is all we need to comprehend when our thoughts take us a million miles away. Right direction includes stop signs, directions and modifications to where we decide to go. Venture out with you feet let them walk a mile in your shoes and in your thoughts. Be aware of why you think before you decide to verbalize those thoughts. Drive, peddle or walk yourself to a place of peace and then again to a new direction in life.