How Fast Can You Go?

Hey! How fast can you go when you are going nowhere in particular? Did you make plans, google directions? Maybe a spontanious trip aroused your intention to move about or make a different choice. What did you take for transportation? A car, a bike, or your feet.

Did you choose the car. Its very protective but your awareness isn’t too aware beacuse of the large vehicle you are driving. The windows and doors impeed your sight as does the other drivers trying to get there just as fast as you. Slowing down is contemplation and right now you don’t really want to contemplate so you drive in your armored car that protects you from feeling things you’d rather not feel, instead of taking back roads for the view and the pleasure. It’s easier to take the car but the work comes when the body does the work of the mind.

What about the bike? The pleasure of sun warming your face and the wind on your back. Not much riding this year yet, guess you have too many things to think about. Is it about distance in less time or a leisurely vacation from time? How fast can you peddle to that place when your feet do circles around you? Did you get to your destination in the belief that you are doing it right? Did you get there at all? Cycling through the rough times helps you pursue the truth. Fast and attentive drives you to your destination, while quieting your mind from all it’s disturbances. Slow and mellow gives you time to think things over before you get there. On a bike, you can see, feel, and be in the moment. The wind in your face helps you understand more, love nature.

Decided to put your shoes on, one foot at  time lacing up the runners that make you feel good? Take an extra moment and feel your toes wiggle into those shoes as they feel freedom from choices of where to go and how to get there. You can just go out the front door and take whatever direction you choose. Seeing the goal brings you closer to the objective especially when you can, at any time, stop and take notice of where you are, before you get there. Dirt roads, untracked paths or paved sidewalks, it’s all good.

Whatever you do, where ever you decide to go, go with inspiration. Drive while accommidating others, site see on the country roads. Visualize freedom in long distances. Peddle in the notion that those circles your legs do will get you somewhere, where you can find graditude and not drama. We have feet for a reason. Whether they push, peddle or stride us to our goals, or destinations in life. Feet first is all we need to comprehend when our thoughts take us a million miles away. Right direction includes stop signs, directions and modifications to where we decide to go. Venture out with you feet let them walk a mile in your shoes and in your thoughts. Be aware of why you think before you decide to verbalize those thoughts. Drive, peddle or walk yourself to a place of peace and then again to a new direction in life.

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