Mind Blender

Shall we?



Blender as in drink? What shall we make?

Mind Blender.

You mean my blender? I don’t have one, we will have to use yours. I put mine away, it didn’t work anymore. The brain broke, no I mean the electrical components don’t connect to get a spark. The main motor is non responsive.

Oh, thats strange, did you try rebooting the cortex? How about the use of your cells are they able to recharge? What have you been using for an energy source?

Well I’m not sure, the usual I guess. You know haven’t checked out the source lately, It’s been an emotional time for me.

Maybe its time to shut down and look at the loose wires and the plug? Sometimes we get so wired up in the wrong way we forget what’s important. Did you read the directions before you made the choices you did. Could that be the reason?

You know I’m not sure, I haven’t been myself lately. I’m a little confused too much going on. I don’t think I’ve replenished my cupbpards in awhile, wow realizations are amazing when I think clearly. Boy have I messed up.

Hey, I can help you if you like? How about taking it all apart one idea at a time and see where there’s an issue? Sometimes we by pass the important connections and use short cuts. What do you think?

Think? Hey I haven’t really thought about that? Some days thinking is a process that I bypass. Kind of hope the blender is used by someone else and I just take part. I allow other people to use it sometimes, guess I should just take that on myself. Do you mean I need to maintain my blender all the time? Sort of get down to what makes it work and review it systematically for a better purpose? Never thought of it like that.

I’m glad we are doing this. Mind blending is a strategic process that takes time and the use of no time limits when it comes to the time you use break down the information.. It should be meditative and relaxing, starting at your first objective, then continue one thought at a time. Sometimes when you just throw in all the ingrediants, of your actions in the blender at once, the blender gets bogged down with unnecessary information. Too much it just too much at once.

Never knew. You mean I blew a circuit? Melted some wires that I may need to get through my day. I guess if I don’t feed the machine it rusts and is becomes less useful.

I think you got it. So lets start out with what you use to feed the machine? Is it healthy information? Does it serve a purpose other than ego? Are you cleaning it out every time a thought comes into the container? These are all important things.

Wow thanks for this I could use some guided ideas. Mind blending is not as easy as I thought. So right ingredients, right speed, thoughtful actions and clean it once your done thinking about it.

What about the actual ingestion of the products you use. Does it bog you down, make you sleepy when you need to be aware? Do your actions speak louder than your words? Do you use your words properly, with truth?

I guess I need to take out the instruction book again. Sometimes I act to quickly, hastely and my thoughts get jumbled up. Misdirected because I think I know before I do.

So do you think you can fix your blender and this time mind blend correctly so it works for you? Nothing against you but just feel your way through one mouthful at a time.

Yes I will try. Thanks again. This time I will go slower, be more mindful and contemplative in the process of mind blending. Hey enjoy your day.

Yeah you too.

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