I saw an opportunity to linger, so I stayed awhile.

I questioned myself as to what lingering is? So I sat on the park bench and tried to find the place where your mind goes, that dictated the next thought.

I asked myself, “Where do I go from here?”

I sat quietly and gazed into the distance. Nothing stood out so I continued to stare. What could be the object of my sight? “What was I looking for?” I interpreted the comment of not wanting to think as a sign to stay awhile longer and continue to observe this contentment.

I wondered when the answers would come to me? I hope this lingering will tell me.

As I looked about I began to notice the other lingerers, lingering about also? Curious, I wondered why they too had picked this day of all days to do as I am doing. Do I question them, like a dectective looking for answers? Do I just watch them, and summize the outcomes they show me? They too must be watching me, as I them. What a curious thought, indeed.

This opportunity to linger is thought provoking.

I decided to stay awhile longer and mingle with the lingerers. There was no need for conversations or advice on why we all linger, but to be observant.  To observe the smiles that crossed faces, the thoughtful touch as fingers combed the grass beneath relaxed bodies. Did we bench warm so someone else could sit after we did and get the feelings of our own comfort? Could this all be in purpose?

As I moved about, I wandered in a uncomplicated pattern. First I sat on the bench, then I walked by the pond and watched the ducks pursue the breadcrumbs tossed to them. I saw children with nothing better to do but play for awhile while their parents lingered in a moment of remembered childhood. There were many older folks too, serene faces in contemplation that they really had no where to go, not yet anyways and sitting here was just a pleasent place to be. Lovers sat on blankets, dogs ran to and from their owners happy to be out of their homes and not a on a leash, like most of us humans sometimes.

Yes, this lingering is contagious. It makes you want to linger forever in the quiet of the moment where no thoughts protrude. No mistaking the fact that we have really no place to go and nothing to do that is so important, except to be happy. Right here right now, lingering in the serenity of a peaceful mind.

So I stayed and I lingered. I conversed with strangers and played with their dogs. I saw friends and made new aqaintances, found new objectives and told myself stories of change. I think I will linger a little longer and then come back and linger another day. I will take my new thoughts home with me and tell everyone what a great time I had.

Maybe, just maybe they too will find the time, taking the time, to linger awhile too.

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