To Whom It May Concern

To whom it may concern, to you it may concern, to this it may be concerning.

What is it?

Is it Life? Love? Maybe it’s resentment or contol? Sometimes it’s fear and anger, a resolution that never happened.

So, is this a letter never sent? A proposition you couldn’t obtain? A resume colored with inuendo’s that were not true?

It’s in the garbage isn’t it? All those pieces of paper, crumpled up, tossed and damaged like yourself. You just couldn’t come up with the right words to write, the conversation that preceeded the issues was unbecoming. Maybe you forget to the trust yourself to write the right things down to represent yourself in a worthy way.

How many times did you reach into the basket and retreve it, or them, to go over the sentences in your head? Did it work. Did you take the worthy stuff and add other worthy things to it to make it read better?

Are there notes of sorry to another, that call to you from those crumpled papers, compassionate sounds you muttered because you are wrong, but can’t write that down. How about the tears that scent the pages, those water marks that you will never confess to?

Did you even start the letter after the introduction. You wanted so much to be interviewed. You believe you have so much to offer. You do don’t you?

Is there some courage there to tell the truth? Honesty comes at a price we are all told. Yet to what price do we market the best we are?

I have a sense that you are sitting at your desk really trying to put forth a good objective. Picking up the pen first and maybe you are twirling it around your fingers getting a sense of the written words you wish to project onto the paper. Did anyone ever say they told you so? Did they and did you listen?

So who does this concern, as the paper states? Is it personal, personable. Will you be liked or possibly loved for what you wrote? Sincerity is complicated. Sincerely is what you will say in the end, hopefully meaning it.

To whom this concerns, concerns everyone. How you put that into words connects you to those who will witness your hand as they open the letter. Cleverness is resourceful but it may not get the point across so be careful with that first sentence.

Be subjective. If its a point of view, show it to be universal. If it’s caring, send it with the love you have in your heart and if it for your betterment show your strengths and witness those accomplishments as they are told by you.

There is no need to hesitate. Your concern is open. Anger and fear are a common reaction to a secret, but to embellish it gets the letter to whom into a trash can.

Be simple and to Whom It May Concern will end up being the best ever written.


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