A light sines in the darkness, what does it see? Does it see the true image?

Are lights necessary to reflect the darkness?

What about vision? Do we have the tools to see without seeing? Comparing as we do light to dark, and again dark to light?

A shadow in the distance, a true worth of what it sees? Is it real or a redition of something the mind thinks it sees?

Art encircled in the sight of the eye, created by what you see. Reflections of past, present and possible futures.

Reflect. Reflection. See into the darkness, let your eyes get used to it and then see what is real. A pool of water, cool and clear, shows the reality of what we are looking at. It can reflect the attitude, or it can be a reflection of the reality. If there are ripples is it clarity or a proposal of an expectation. A distortion of the looker, looking into. The moon may be behind you, shining its own reflection, reflecting you.

Are you willing to look into a dark corner and see what is hiding there? Does it scare you? What if it was a sunny day and the sun reflected at your back? Could you then walk by that place at night without fear, without a flashlight to light your way? Would you feel safe?

Darkness and shadows vs. Light and reflection. Reflecting on a vision that “looks like” , but is it really?

A flashlight looks ahead? A view in proportion to the distance it is seen. Is it real?

Reflect upon the darkness, face it in it’s realness, not on a value to see it but what you hear, feel, and acknowledge to be there. If you fear, you will fear everything. If you quest, your questions will be answered.

Reflections are obvious. Light up the night skies with your intentions and not your regrets.



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