Journey. Journey to the unknown, being adventurous, traveling down those little known roads to where life leads you. Experience the morsels of knowledge, the tastiness of understanding, the produce of your undertakings.

Journey. Journey to where you know is real. Let reality lead the way, giving you an invitation in which you will go someday. You have your maps and schedules, your expectations and your needs. This will provide for you, give you closure, sometimes having a plan is a road more frequently taken but sometimes more abused. Do you really want to know what life tastes like before you taste it? There is no deviation down the road for you to experience.

Which ever way you decide to journey is up to you. Some may want adventure some may not. Can you put on a blindfold and taste the delights that foods have to offer without seeing what your eating? Can you try something different? Food for the soul can be as tasty as french fries and a hot dog.

Language is diversive but smiles are the language of the heart. No need to bring a dictionary to receive what another offers. Toothless grins, open mouth laughter even tears associated with whispers of pain can be cheerful if one understands the smile they are offered.

Walk with both feet on the ground. The balance is better received from the brain. Each toe emmerced in the sands of time accompanied by an ocean breeze. Shoes will walk a mile or more if the pavement isn’t hot and blistering, walking you up a mountain peak, snow packed and cool to the touch.

Where are you going? Have you chosen a direction for your journey? Thirsty for knowledge try a elexir of ginger and tumeric. Kick start your brains neurons for a better connection.

Food tastes better with laughter. Home cooked meals stired up with love helps embrace the community of neighbours and family. Send the kids out to the garden and let them play in the dirt, fingers picking up the nights menu. Service with a smile and a carrot to chew the blues away.

Linger into the sunset, on a wooden porch swing or on lawn chairs. Share the days news with a hot tea or glass of beer with those you care for. Watch the sun rise again the next morning not forgetting who you are and why you are here. Be in the moment and don’t let it pass you by.

Journey. Journey to wherever you are. Close your eyes and be there, now.

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