Beautiful Conversations

Can I take you on a journey of conversations.

Show you places where words bind into phrases of said things. Emotions that sing with the vocal cords.

Can I walk you down a path where verses rhyme to the momentum of your walk, into the longer sentences with meaning found.

Would you like to sit in silence for a moment before you reveal what the conversation means to you, listening in slow motion? Reading the words and involving yourself in the verbs as they form reactions, on your tongue.

How are you with that?

Can you be real within the chapters? The conversation evolving, compressing a revelation of sorts. Are you teacher or student to the purpose?

How do ou feel as the phrases roll through touching your heart in so many ways? Does it say something of your person?

Just a moment…

Can I help you contemplate?

I feel you looking for the words to say but your not yet seeing what’s beyond the words.

Can you hear the conversation in all it’s complexity?

Ah, you see.

Is it beautiful even though the words are not? Sometimes fear and anger have a certain ring to the actions they express. Are you emotionaly connected?

Is it compasssion you hear? A revealing of something deep within the other person’s being? Are you touched by the conversation?

Take a breath….

Find the beauty through the information. Take yourself out of the picture.

Can I take you to another level where conversation becomes mute. That the words are just visions of a simplicity of dances with the letters on your lips?

Say hello to the beauty in conversation. Words without a specific meaning, sentences and phrases that collapse you into another dimension of living in the moment.

Can you find peace, patience as you think about what’s being said? The beautiful conversing, the invisable words, through mimes. The mind creating a play with inacted, soft voices that are conversing on another level.

A journey into the music of words. Unbound notes, each an individual sensation, yet when put together they can make a symphony.

Can you hear the beautiful.

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