This whole world is changing, can I change with it? I am changing, can the world change with me? Who is right and who is stuck?

We can all engage in a discussion of topics related to the sentences above but who can be truthful? What is the truth about what we see and hear, how we think and act? We live in a world of misdirected lies, little ones and some awefully big ones, which ones do the worst damage? My first response would be the biggest of lies but really it’s the little ones. The biggest of lies hold the most truth really because they can’t be hidden; there is no undertone to the effect they can have on the world.

The little lies; the ones we tell ourselves every day can do the most harmful damage. When we do not take responsibility for the little lies we tell ourselves each and every day, we build upon a larger issue and it’s not the truth.

One little lie in a box of many other little lies, or maybe slight untruths can build you a wall that can never be traversed. It becomes so overwhelming that all you see are impossibilities and no tools to start the digging. We dig ourselves mindfully into a mountain with each thought we cannot be responsible for. Confrontation is not something we can do when we look into the mirror. We can try but really can we?Honestly to lie to ourselves will eventually take it’s toll; to take action for something we may think we can get away with, to be in a costume of our own making.

The world needs the true us, uncharacterized, unmasked, undeluted. It needs a reality check of our own making. To see reality as reality and not compromised with little lies can make for a better world in which we live. Why say yes when we mean no? Why compromise when it’s compromising the beliefs we hold dear, just to make someone else happy? Why do we do dilligence when it means not being true to what is right for us? There is room for being postive without conforming, for being real with out anger or hurt.

Better world, better us is the undertaking. We have become to comfortable in the ways of the world. Now or never is the motto instead of steady as you go. Think before we act not obligate ourselves to a group because we do not know how to stand alone. Let’s learn how to make decisions based on education not fear. Just think if we made decisions based on our individual needs, whether right for the majority or not makes more sense. Sometimes to many options doesn’t give a better way. If we always were honest we could find the respect and be given the respect. Not everyone will understand, not everyone will stand in your truth but at least we have a gauge to determine the truths we carry. Is instant gradification better than understanding?

There was a time when being led down a garden path was more apporpriate for the ways of the people. Reasons are many but that’s not the point of my conversation. I think being real makes the difference. It hurts to think. It aggrevates us to have to make decisions based on our own well being, but it’s time to try. We have forgetten how to be our own person. We have forgotten how to respect anothers opinion with out attaching fear to it.

Be open and honest, respectful and determined to live a healthy and whole life. Believe little of what you hear and more of how you feel around the things you see and hear. Insanity comes in many forms and some we can understand but some we engauge in ourselves. We have forgotten how to challenge ourselves. We have long ago forgone the choices to compete in the world as it moves us around in circles. Where are we going? Most of us can say we don’t know but will wait and see instead of thinking about it. Let’s start conversations, debate and ellimiate the little lies that we surround ourselves with every day. Support ourselves with truth. You may not like it at first but soon you will see what has been hiding for so long.

It’s a big beautiful world out there, full of creativity and healing if only we tried. The little lies always turn into big lies one day and when they do they cannot be hidden any longer. They then come tumbling down, full force, to change us forever whether we want it or not. Mountains into mole hills, not the other way around.

Think about it. Don’t blame the economy, the politics, the relationships you have or the way you were raised. Those are all the little lies we tell ourselves every day. Look into the mirror and tell yourself the truth, it will set you free. One less lie at a time, one more truth a day will heal not just you but the world at large. Now go do it.