Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Laughter is the best medicine. It doesn’t come in jars, bags or in pill form. It’s the best kind of instantaneous gradification without rules or redemption. It is yours for the taking whenever, wherever you want it to be. All you need to do is let go and see how ridiculous we are in our undertakings. How unruly we become for no reason. Laughter is the best in all situations.

Laughter dulls the pain, it heightens awareness, it brings joy to the pain of internal thought. Laughter heals.

A word, a thought said quietly inside, a joke unreveiled, laughing inside. Heart, mind, soul doesn’t matter, is what matters most to the internalizing the joker.

Roll around in the dirt of your mind, sensing the ironic sense of it all, then laugh. Cry in laughter, soul search the remenents of the joke played on you because it doesn’t matter. Really it doesn’t. It can’t for your sake. It may hurt in the moment but upon realizing it, it only mourns the changes coming. Change is the biggest joke of all, you can’t stop it, it comes so why not let it come with laughter.

Bizarre actions, costumes, wrinkled noses all because of laughter. Medicate often, medicate always.

Death is one last joke on us. Birth is a new idea, that we can give to our children. Be seriously happy, never grumpy about life. It’s seemingly obsurd to believe sadness and misery can get you there faster than a good laugh. Be the one to start it, be the one to end it. Laughter is yours to indentify, it controls the fear, releases the anger, destroys and conquers the mortality of the situation.

Mortals we may be but laughter makes us infalable. We cannot be beaten when we laugh, fears cannot lay us flat and anger cannot kill the good in all of us. Simplicity and purpose, laughter and sanity all go together in one good joke.

For the joke is on us. We created what we are and we can recreate it with a smile, a belly laugh and a realization we are all human.


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