Accessing your Valued Self(image).

” Good morning old friend. Check me out, Yes it’s me. You didn’t recognize me.”

“Oh, it is you. I didn’t recognize you in that new attire? You changed.”

“Changed? Oh my clothes, yes they are new, well new to me anyways. I saw them in a consignment store, yes they do look good. I didn’t think this would look good on me. I took a chance.”

“But I liked you the way you are, not now but yesterday. I could recognize you, now not so much. You have changed. ”

“Of course I am still me. Just because I change the outside doesn’t necessarily mean anything. It’s a new look, a new feel good me. Hey touch me. What about you? Do you need a change? You can be different yet the same. You can change and reach new goals. Believe that everyday is a new day according to you. Believe in the new person inside. Wake up look different, see different, make changes that you value but never saw you in before. Yeah, like a change of clothes. You can be who you value yourself to be.”

“No, I don’t think so. I think I can only be this me. It’s comfortable, accessible, I know who I am. You know yes, sometimes there are others inside, some that know a different path, a better path but they confuse me. Strange to feel that way. I like having recognition, being accessible for the me that has always been. I don’t think I need to revalue my difference, when difference can just be the same?”

“I thought that too. I always feared change. It brought new values, new challenges, new things into my life. I could never see the person you see now. This person you say you don’t recognize. It’s me just a different me. One that can choose something else with out fear. I can now change things in my life that seemed so hard to accomplish. Hey, it’s ok. You look sad, don’t be. Sometimes losing a part of yourself is a good thing. It brings about a new adventure. Retraining yourself by new values, new ideas. Just think it and you can be it. It’s like reassembling old parts, cleaning them up and a new paint job.”

“I get it. People see you as something new, not necessarily unavailable. You are still that same face, that same unique person. I see now.”

“Yes I am. Revaluate, recalculate, reinvent. It’s becomes exciting to try new things.”

The mirror shown a light on the subject looking into it and reflected a new attitude, a newness which was then evaluated, reaccessed and happily accepted. The mirror saw that the man in the mirror would make it another day.

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