The House on the Hill

The house on the hill was always there until it wasn’t.

I saw it yesterday, or was it the day before? It stood there big as life, her colours shone thought out as the sun shone brightly on her windows.

I could see her soul.

The pathway is still there if you go by. It’s uncleared but if you try hard enough you can get through. I still can’t figure out what they did with the house?

Remember the time we snuck up there and peeked into he windows? We thought we would find a witch or something ghostly. A cauldron in the living room making a brew to turn us into cats or mice. How foolish we were. We only found her baking cookies or singing those songs we loved to hear.

I thought I saw her yesterday outside tending her garden. She grew such beautiful roses. The smell, remember the smell? You can still see them now in your mind. Do you know I said hi to her once?

But the house, it is gone. Destroyed by a unknown. No one really knows when it happened, it just did. There is only a foundation left, if you want to go look?

I can see her now. Can you? She is waving to us to come up and see her. Do we dare?

I know she’s gone. I know I don’t want to believe she is. So sad to have her taken away. Why did they take her house down? People are so funny that way. It isn’t haunted, but only if you believe it is. I see her, do you?

She walks this earth as a being of light. I saw the candle she holds up to her others walk their path. Kindred we are, so many of us.

I saw her only yesterday, it seems like a long time ago, I loved her.

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