Moment to Momentum

“Get ready. Get set. Go.”

“Hey wait a moment, where am I going? Did I even want to go anywhere?”

“Are you Ready? It’s time. It’s time to set things in motion.”

“What do you mean motion? I’m still at the get ready stage. I’m not sure if I want to participate? Where did you say I am going? What is, set into motion. I don’t recall asking to move.”

“You are now, set? It’s time to remove all your resistance. Put yourself in the lineup and place yourself on the starting line.”

“What? What race am I in? I don’t recall putting myself here in this predicament? Hey wait a minute, I need more time to figure this out. I can’t find my momentum. Stop the race, I’m not prepared!”

“There is no preparation needed. It’s just the moment and momentum. This cannot wait you know, it needs your attention now. Are you ready?”

“No, not yet, oh maybe? Hey I do recall asking for something, is that what this is? I can’t tell you if I’m ready but I can try. It’s only a trial run, maybe I can get a better picture of what I can do. Yes I can do this. Where’s my helmet, my gloves? Momentum? Or is it just moment to moment.”

“I’m going to give you the green light, just remember if you forget the momentum just push yourself.”

“Wait one more second, I don’t feel very safe right now. It’s all to new to me. Are you sure you have the right person?”


Is it time.


Wait, where’s my momentum? Where’s my moment.





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