Dancing Rabbits

Dancing rabbits, little bundles of furry fur, even when I say the word it makes me smile.

I can picture these rabbits, happiness in a small package of many colours. Bouncing on their trampoline of being. Bouncing around with no care in the world. Joy, Joy, Joy is the sound their feet make every time they hit the ground.

Come out, come out where ever you are! No more hiding, no more sneaking about in fear or intimidation. You rabbit over there let’s boogie. Show me your moves by chasing away the reason you are afraid. Tell me while your dancing where you came from. Are you from another planet? Makes me wonder why we have decided rabbits are shy when really they just want to dance.

Name your colour, your brightness, your silliness, make it shine away the darkness that surrounds you. No more hiding out, it’s all about seeking the adventure. Hop about, smell the senses as they surround you. Your eager to play, and be played, that’s the dance. Boing.

Makes me laugh you dancing rabbits. looking out the window in the early morning. It may be raining but it’s still sunny in your mind. Windy days, dance, sunny days dance in the sunshine, even on stormy days let the wind whirl you around in sheer pleasure of the moment you dance.

Dancing is healing, its healthy, its about being spontaneous. Dance rabbit dance in all your colours. Happily hop.

Dancing rabbits are like dancing bears. Dancing rabbits are also like you. Be the dance, feel the dance see how high you can jump to the music. Learn to love you, to be you. Dancing rabbits, make me laugh.


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