Have An Open Conversation With Yourself

Try having an open conversation with yourself? What does this look like. How does it make you feel.

Pen to paper, feelings into thought say what is true and not truth. A truth that I can be self extended from past experience but yet from a place you haven’t traveled to yet.

Honesty is sometimes fearful, sometimes we sit in a bath of shame, drowning on remorse  but we need to get over it because we are drowning in the self truths we sink into.

Raw, selfless, uninviting, make faces at yourself in the mirror. Ugly ones that could terrify anybody else but you. Laugh until your heart aches and then do it again thinking of another mistake you make. Now fix it.

Have coffee at your favourite place but by yourself. Would you honestly enjoy not being you in this conversation. Maybe someone else feels the same. Take pen and paper this time and write down this made up conversation in which you have to explain to the other self what they are to you. Find those good points, be honest, but tear yourself down too. Feel the grit between your teeth like the used coffee grounds in the bottom of your cup. Drink them up and taste the difference if there were none.

Ask someone out for a walk and let them lead the way. Pretend you have laryngitis and cannot speak. All you can do is listen, you may learn something new about yourself through the voice of another. Sometimes we are deaf to our own issues.

Change the station. The music that was once to your ears is now annoying the more you connect to the new self image you are creating. Sometimes even quiet is a necessary component of the new you.

Be aware of set backs. Oh, you will know; those ones that make you feel good because they are familiar. You know what I mean.

Have a conversation with yourself today. The vibe will be either creative and honest or the static cling with hold you back, your choice. It will always be your choice to hear the truth or to be truthful.


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