Mea Culpa

How many times do we tell ourselves that what has just happened is our fault? How many times do we deny fault and pass it others in denial?

It is my fault. No, it’s not my fault. do I do I not take the blame for the inconsistencies my life consists of. Well then who’s fault is it?

Blame it on the universe, blame it on our childhood, or maybe our current situation. Faulty wiring, hearing, seeing, being, it is still the word that inspires us to stay in the place we are.

Take the word blame and turn it into lame. Then take the word lame and turn into same. We are all the same when we encircle ourselves in the name game. No matter what word we begin with it’s all about the ending. What word comes before the period?

Try to end it in a thank you, a happy face, a thought that inspires to conquer rejection. Imaging peace inside no matter the events. What is the learned experience from a neutral point of view? Can you see the blue sky after the storm?

It’s all about the words we use to describe the situation. Did we add “don’t worry be happy” and ignore those Mea Culpa’s that systematically come along to end our sentence in something totally different.

Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, the latin is great but what truth the words say about you and where the truth lies.


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