Breakfast Time, Whats On The Menu

How do you start your day? What gives you grace, gratification? Do you fuel your body  with nutrition? Is it a blender of positive thought? Do you fuel your mind with the same? What gives you vitality? Are you sane?

Do you believe in the universe? The greater supplier of life and advice. Does the soul need to be fed self worth or is it worthy of being fed hand to mouth, based on a equality and healing.

Do you allow the body, the physical you, to determine what goes inside? Are you persuaded by emotional health or by unhealthy addictions as soon as you open your eyes? Do you crave joy and happiness or boxed up items that have no nutritional value. Do you value yourself?

Whats for breakfast determines your day, your moment, your next thought. It is a prerequisite for a healthy heart, a heart that beats freedom from unnecessary thinking. Cravings that deprive you from running toward your next purpose instead of running away. How fast can you run?

Take the time to enjoy the fruits of your labours. Peel away the anxiety with knife in hand. See whats inside. Is it sugary and plentiful from your garden? In love , you choose what you put into your body, in compassion you pick something real.

Whats for breakfast will make you into a realistic person. What you eat will improve your self and your disposition. What you choose is a reality made of different sources. What you challenge yourself with is what you have in your cupboard of life.

What’s for breakfast?

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