A View Of The World

We all have viewpoints. Places we stand and look out at the world we see. We have insight, insightful ideas and visuals to see the world through our own perspective. What does this world look like to you? Close your eyes for a moment and see for your self.

Is this a world full of desires not met, ideas that cannot be maintained or false thoughts of days gone by. Do you stand on a mountain top and find the fog to great to see anything or maybe find it too stormy to stay.

Does your world look fearful? Are you afraid to walk a different street because you never have done that before? Maybe for you to have a different idea, one that gives you perspective instead of why do I?

Sometimes we have to see differently, speak a different set of words based on something new or command ourselves to make our feet walk. Sometimes its easy and most of the time its a lot harder than we envision it to be. Why do we get stuck? Why do we climb the mountain and not look over the edge to see below. Can we command the sun to shine on a rainy day?

I believe we can. I believe we can just by imaging it to. Why not close our eyes and think a different thought. One that has a clarity to a better way. See policy as just another thought that was there and now you command it to be gone. Not all things are equal but we can find balance in directing ourselves to see both sides at the same time.

Invite the problem in and take care of it. Open the door to your fears and give them a warm hug. Bring peace to a situation by not allowing it to control the experience. Say NO to what you do not want.

It’s hard to walk up a mountain. The terrain is easy in the beginning but harder as you get nearer the top. Boulders and roots block your way like indecision blocks the inner voice from revealing itself. Once you see the sky again you get excited to complete your task; you may forget about how hard it has been and run the rest of the way. You may also take your time and contemplate how you made it but revel in the idea that you accomplished it when you see where you have come from.

Do it for your own sake. Do it for you. You are the only one that can make changes, find balance, and avoid pitfalls. Release those expectations that you have to follow a leader and climb the ladder yourself. It’s all good. It’s your story in which you invite others to hear.

It’s about belief, it’s about honour, it’s about the glory of the mountain top and finally seeing there are so many others up there with you enjoying the scenery.


Stuck between two without a middle? Are you polarized? One season can enter and another exits, do you question where they go? Being content with ones’ condition doesn’t mean you are unconditional. Facts are we tend to find too many things to control and condition.

The earth moves to the echo of its own sound. The ocean tides when the moon turns her head long ways into the sun. Weather patterns are content with each other in opposition, we huddle in our homes unprepared to walk outdoors.

A baker bakes a loaf of bread. He watches it rise to the occasion, fired by heat. With pride he admires his creation only to turn his head and start over. He never questions the ones he throws away , he just starts over.

How many mistakes are made in a day? How many revelations are sought in conjunction with those same mistakes? Do we care or are we daft to the bird that perches on our shoulder? The whispers are clearly stated and unburdened. In truth we shrug our shoulders and walk away from what would be safe.

Heaven can have mountains. The mountains heaven moves are invisible, its energy like the wind, blows away the debris. We shut our windows in case the dust flies. Heaven is a state of mind. A place where the mind empties out and refills in constant motion. Thoughts draw pictures, black and white. Thinking makes them colourful.

Belief is undetermined. Bliss is unconventional. Words are nonsense unless you find value in the letters put down on paper. I am an ending to a story half told only to continue if there are listeners, tomorrow.

Do you really understand? Or deaf to the knowledge we are born with? Can we remain untethered to make important discoveries later on in life? Perfect and whole our view is smudged until we remember to get out the windex. The clarity is looking through the glass, outside.

Let the sun shine. Let it warm your bones. Turn about to see you are not the reality but the realism of your hearts desire to constantly change.

Did You put your Hand Up?

Did you put your hand up? You were asked a question, did you ty to answer it? Hesitation. You thought about it first, did you put your hand up anyways?

There are no wrong answers. You quest for information can only give you the right answers, you know. The art of putting your hand up qualifies you to be in the moment. It moves you from one aspect of yourself to another. You become the research and not the experiment. You will get the answers.

Life is living, life is living in the moment.

Did you sit with your hands under your seat waiting for someone else to answer? How do you negotiate the quest for the answers, there yours and no one else’s. By putting your hand up you transpire into something greater.

Sit in the circle and watch it go round. What did you experience? Can you see the beginning, where you entered? Do you want to exit, where is the sign? They become blended into a never ending circle if you cannot not see the past or the future of your events. Look for them, slow down your movement with patience, you will see.

Did you put your hands up within the circle letting go of the past and the future so you can see the present?

Forwards or backwards you can always shift direction. Ask the questions by putting your hands up and letting go. Look around you. Do others put their hands up? Do they communicate with you in a unity of positive thoughts. Do you raise your hands up to the stars and acknowledge the truth that is there for you to seek?

Put your hands up, leave the circle of comfort and no usable answers and find another where choice is recommended and hands up are normal.

I’m Tired Of Giving Advice

I’m tired of giving advice, to myself. I’m not really listening to the words I generate in my ear. I’m too busy thinking of stuff that is in my head. Is it all worth the effort to be available when I need to be? Where am I going, how do I get there, who am I?

I ask this all the time of the man in the mirror, the sand beneath my feet as I walk, the radio song I am listening too. “Give me a connection I say, give me something to work with.”

But do I listen when the information is available? Do I feel the shift in my mind when a different thought is voiced through my thoughts? Most likely I am focused on the complaint department and why the line up is so long. Wait It’s me holding things up, the many different me’s that wait in line for an answer.

What would happen if I just made a choice, stuck with it and then followed through. What would I find? Another choice, an arrangement of words that made a sentence that actually gave me the answer I was looking for?

Well, I would take that in a heart beat I tell myself. Why lie to the great pretender. I can pretend to be positive, I can beat the odds I tell myself if I just think of me but really there is more than just me involved. I may be the situation but I am not all of the components.

I’m learning. I am the study in student. I am teacher, in the moment I teach myself new concepts like listening instead of thinking I know better before I do. Shift the concepts of who is who. Mentor instead of dictate. Find balance instead of control. Lose the baggage we carry inside of ourselves. Lighter gets us farther in less time. Deciding what can be a better choice, instead of the same choice that is harder but can give us better results. Results that we don’t have to tear down and redo over and over.

End the trauma, the drama, and listen to the advice without judgement, without fear and live a long happy life.