I’m Tired Of Giving Advice

I’m tired of giving advice, to myself. I’m not really listening to the words I generate in my ear. I’m too busy thinking of stuff that is in my head. Is it all worth the effort to be available when I need to be? Where am I going, how do I get there, who am I?

I ask this all the time of the man in the mirror, the sand beneath my feet as I walk, the radio song I am listening too. “Give me a connection I say, give me something to work with.”

But do I listen when the information is available? Do I feel the shift in my mind when a different thought is voiced through my thoughts? Most likely I am focused on the complaint department and why the line up is so long. Wait It’s me holding things up, the many different me’s that wait in line for an answer.

What would happen if I just made a choice, stuck with it and then followed through. What would I find? Another choice, an arrangement of words that made a sentence that actually gave me the answer I was looking for?

Well, I would take that in a heart beat I tell myself. Why lie to the great pretender. I can pretend to be positive, I can beat the odds I tell myself if I just think of me but really there is more than just me involved. I may be the situation but I am not all of the components.

I’m learning. I am the study in student. I am teacher, in the moment I teach myself new concepts like listening instead of thinking I know better before I do. Shift the concepts of who is who. Mentor instead of dictate. Find balance instead of control. Lose the baggage we carry inside of ourselves. Lighter gets us farther in less time. Deciding what can be a better choice, instead of the same choice that is harder but can give us better results. Results that we don’t have to tear down and redo over and over.

End the trauma, the drama, and listen to the advice without judgement, without fear and live a long happy life.

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