Did You put your Hand Up?

Did you put your hand up? You were asked a question, did you ty to answer it? Hesitation. You thought about it first, did you put your hand up anyways?

There are no wrong answers. You quest for information can only give you the right answers, you know. The art of putting your hand up qualifies you to be in the moment. It moves you from one aspect of yourself to another. You become the research and not the experiment. You will get the answers.

Life is living, life is living in the moment.

Did you sit with your hands under your seat waiting for someone else to answer? How do you negotiate the quest for the answers, there yours and no one else’s. By putting your hand up you transpire into something greater.

Sit in the circle and watch it go round. What did you experience? Can you see the beginning, where you entered? Do you want to exit, where is the sign? They become blended into a never ending circle if you cannot not see the past or the future of your events. Look for them, slow down your movement with patience, you will see.

Did you put your hands up within the circle letting go of the past and the future so you can see the present?

Forwards or backwards you can always shift direction. Ask the questions by putting your hands up and letting go. Look around you. Do others put their hands up? Do they communicate with you in a unity of positive thoughts. Do you raise your hands up to the stars and acknowledge the truth that is there for you to seek?

Put your hands up, leave the circle of comfort and no usable answers and find another where choice is recommended and hands up are normal.

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