Somedays I Just Want To Be Alice

Somedays I just want to be Alice.

But first I have to find her and ask her who she is? Where she lives and what she does.

How do you survive in this world of controversy. Find a new path that has better choices and more freedom to become and not just be, in a box.

Where are you Alice? Are you under the tree of enlightenment? On a path to glory, one of unconditional ideas? Please tell me its not an illusion.

How do you do it?

We know about the tree, the hole and Wonderland but do we believe. I think that’s half way don’t you?

Do you have a trip map? How did you find this place? Did someone one else whisper it in your ear. Can you help me find that person if one exists?

It’s all about freedom, I think. The freedom to let go. The freedom to think consciously and not to fear, what we don’t yet know.

Hey Alice can I call you. You are unlisted and I need your number, no one else understands.

I have put it out there on social media and if you see my blog come find me and show me how you did it.

Thanks Alice in advance. I won’t be waiting though I will be adventurous and keep looking in the meantime. Maybe for me its a pocket of air I can slide into and find my own paradox. Maybe we can meet sometimes and exchange notes about our adventures.

I think I will go now and find my own Wander Land.






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