Could you imagine if we did read each others thoughts? The merging of continued insanity that would surround us.

I would like to think we are positive people on a planet of positive choices but I tend to believe not as much as I would like it to be so.

We are so complicated, unsteady and in pursuit of instantaneous gratification most times. Our thought move like a pin ball machine on steroids and we are so unaware. Could you imagine if beings from another planet came into our solar system what they would hear. Multitudes of misguided human beings on a planet of choices but mostly unsure of themselves.

We are definitely not authentic nor minimalistic in our pursuit of happiness. I mentioned complicated, in need of instant gratification and in denial of our truths. Who speaks truth? We all do don’t we? I wish. We speak a truth that condemns others for not saying what we want them to say, do what we want them to do and then all we can think of is to stomp our feet and scream why me. Our children have a better sense of who they are then we adults do. Baby boomers, we are out of our league here, we need to let it go. Gen X’ers great ideas but lets get out of the past and into forward thinking. So many generations of smart thinkers but in need of forward movement into new ideas. A way of thinking that doesn’t put us on pause but to have patience to see a better way around the mountain.

No one knows for certain an exact way of doing things. We need to work together to find a forward movement into a future of no regrets, no indulgence of the past and of course no blame on a prior generation.

I may be older, I want to believe I am wiser in the ways of a mature person. I chose to converse with everyone, accept everyone on their own terms and refer to a new and existing existence on a planet of multiple choices in which we live healthy, happy and can’t wait for tomorrow to come.

Lets send a message to the universe that we are a great planet of super humans in love not with ourselves but our planet. The gift of receiving is full of joy and not materialism, instant gratification and unhealthy living.

I said my peace for today.

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