Time To Be Kind

In todays times we find kindness in between the isles of
doing someone a favour 
and what's the other word again? A chore.
Kindness shouldn't be just for family and close friends.

Being kind isn't for; 
the occasional get what you want instant fix.
It should be universal, open ended.
Need a favour, give a favour?  
How about unconditional?

Being human is being real. 
Being a person is being realistic.
Becoming kind is innate, if we go there.

Truth begets honesty.
But what does kindness get you?
A big smile.

Free Wheeling

The wheels of lIfe go round and round.
Searching for roads, pathways.
Observing the potholes, the rocks and unapproachable landscapes.
Never determining that this may be only temporary.
What you see before you is inevitable.

What if? You do say what if, don't you?
Can you see into the distance, take control, maybe not take control?
Take a chance that the road gets better after the first turn?
That what you see is only a short distance and not the road ahead?

Free wheeling, what does that really mean?
Chances, choices, passion and possibly a new purpose?
It's time we take our hands off the handle bars.
Allow the bike to choose the way and create a new experience.

Let's use our legs to peddle onward, not our minds.
Our brains to use the space in-between to make better decisions.
To acknowledge that the road not taken may be without subjects.
Adventure awaits us when we decide to become free wheeling.

It may actually turn to to be fun.


Fall Down, Get Up, Then Do It Again, Until You Get It Right.

Why not.
Get up, off your chair. Get rid of those thoughts.
They may be random but their unsocial, predictable and insecure.
The same ones that come everyday. I’s time to go, get lost.
Leave now, yes leave. Close the door and walkaway.

Let’s believe you did fall down, we all do.
That mental act of a physical head plant in which we get brain fog.
How did that happen? Who did that? Why?
The act of falling down, is the trip.

We trip on the words, the ideas, the knowledge we think we have.
Yet we don’t have much. The random chaotic messages we send ourselves all day long. Utter nonsense. We just fall down. Falling into the
muck we call protocol, the usual, the mayhem.

Now that you have fallen again into the same organized inconclusive
whatever may be on your mind right now, stand up.
Stand up, stand up for yourself. Close the door on whatever your mind is saying and create a boundary between you and the story. Run if
you have too but get out and away. Get up, get going and change the
direction your thoughts want to take. This is good advice. Tell the
thoughts they are unwanted, false or out dated.
Believe it.
What next. How brave are you? If you are really brave don’t look
behind but continue to keep choosing differently until the new way be-comes the positive way.
If your not that brave, each time you get up and choose think about
why before you fall down, then fall. At least you will have a idea
of why you chose to fall in that particular direction.
It works. We tend to fill ourselves with stories. Anytime,
anywhere those stories pop up, trip us up, make us fall hard.

Fall down, get up and yes do it all again until you get it right.
How will you know. It will become a work of art, smooth sailing.
You will learn be positive and challenge yourself each time the fall happens. You will then look forward to the fall.

Fall Down, Get Up and Do It All Over Again.


The Space Between The Thoughts

I see you standing there, your in my mind. 
You eyes have a thoughtful look about them,
your looking at me.
Are you real?
Makes me wonder. I know you died yesterday.

It was sunny day, but your sun had gone to bed.
You raised up the darkness from its bed, 
told it to get up.
Why did you do that?

I feel you next to me, waiting for me you recognize you.
I know your there, yet you look different.
There is no pain in your smile.
No resentment in your memories
for things that didn't go well.
Your at peace.

I want to be there too with you.
Over coffee and old times.
We were brothers you and I, 
yet we didn't come from the same mother.
I know you.

You did what you felt was right.
I honour you for that.
Right is what we do, and your energy is set free.
Another lifetime another senerio 
what will you pick to do?

Will you visit me again before you go?
Will I still be able to see you?
I know you are here
the space between the thoughts lets me know.


Going Through It

What is it you are going through?

Is IT a doorway? A window of opportunity? Maybe a windstorm. Whatever IT is, it’s important to go through it.

Could we go around IT? Learn to go above it, maybe below it? Sometimes we try. Now the question of, does it work? That is to do anything other than go through IT?

When we physically go through a door what happens? I would say we get either outside of or inside of a structure. What happens next? I guess we would then go about our business of choice.

When we mentally go through an IT, what happens next? We may make the decision  to go around it because we cannot figure out how to go through it, IT brings fear. We could go above it? Deciding we have dealt with this IT before. What about trying to go under? How does that happen? I think that would simply be to ignore what the IT is we are trying to understand.

So what happens when we just go through it?

There is no pretending we could even think we know. Knowing is expectation. Knowing could be preconceived goals, knowing could even be fooling ourselves into thinking any of the above sentences. Going through anything is unknown. Walking into a house, through a door or window. We could be slammed by it if the wind blows, embraced by a child happy to see us unexpectedly. The same goes with most of the ideas we have, included in our sub conscious. But what would we do if we challenged ourselves to not know, expect or past experience it?

Going through IT is an adventure of many new choices. Challenges will come along but if we have no knowledge of an outcome, well they are truly something to revel in. Going through something with the full understanding of patience, compassion and love can bring about better conclusions than going around IT, above IT or below IT.

I’ve decided that going through is the best possibility for growth, like a porthole into another universe. IT will bring us both pleasure and pain, fear and love and the best is a belief in ourselves that we have never understood before.

Alice went through the looking glass, the rabbit went down the rabbit hole, now we have the opportunity to do the same. What is your choice of going through IT?

Get at IT and get IT done.