The Space Between The Thoughts

I see you standing there, your in my mind. 
You eyes have a thoughtful look about them,
your looking at me.
Are you real?
Makes me wonder. I know you died yesterday.

It was sunny day, but your sun had gone to bed.
You raised up the darkness from its bed, 
told it to get up.
Why did you do that?

I feel you next to me, waiting for me you recognize you.
I know your there, yet you look different.
There is no pain in your smile.
No resentment in your memories
for things that didn't go well.
Your at peace.

I want to be there too with you.
Over coffee and old times.
We were brothers you and I, 
yet we didn't come from the same mother.
I know you.

You did what you felt was right.
I honour you for that.
Right is what we do, and your energy is set free.
Another lifetime another senerio 
what will you pick to do?

Will you visit me again before you go?
Will I still be able to see you?
I know you are here
the space between the thoughts lets me know.


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